The satirist Jan Böhmermann also turned to the Berlin police for a country comparison on the work of investigative authorities. In August 2021 in Berlin, as in all other federal states, editors of the program “ZDF Magazin Royale” simultaneously and personally reported identical and real hate comments on the Internet to a police station. Result: According to the editorial team, in some countries the investigation was slow and in some not at all.

The Berlin police accepted all seven reports and opened criminal investigations on the same day, a police spokesman said on Saturday when asked. The procedures were conducted by the state security police. By April 13 of this year, five cases had been handed over to the Attorney General’s Office for further decision. In the other two cases, state security was still being investigated at the time. He did not have any more recent information, the police spokesman said.

The editors of Böhmermann’s program wrote on a website specially set up for the country comparison that the Berlin public prosecutor’s office or other public prosecutor’s offices called in by them had stopped the investigations in the five cases in question; in three of these cases no suspect was found. The status of the information is given as April/May 2022. Information from the police or the public prosecutor’s office was not available on Saturday.