The belgian soccer and, Within two years, the Belgian Football Center in Tubize, really is the centre of Belgian football. In the spring of 2021, the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association), to a brand new residence in a city called Tubize. “This is a very unique project,” said CEO Peter Bossaert. “We want to be one of the leading associations in Europe by 2022.” Continue to select of the Football association, on the occasion of its 125th anniversary, a new corporate identity and a wide range of events are being planned.

the VAR is in season 2021-2022 base in a city called Tubize, was already well-known, but within two years of the move, the Belgian football association to the world. On the website there is not only a new land, but it is also a convention center, a new locker room, and so, as a brand new union building for the royal belgian football association.“A planning application has been submitted. We have the ambition to be between march and may 2021, to move into our new center,” said CEO Peter Bossaert.

We want to be as an organization to continue to grow, and is one of the leading associations in Europe by 2022.

Peter Bossaert

The royal belgian football association, grew over the past 125 years to become the largest sports federation in the country and the Red Devils carry out more than a year in the world. But we want to do as an organization to continue to grow and become one of the leading associations in Europe by 2022. It is a new hotel in a city called Tubize is in line with our ambition to be the voetbalcultuur to change it. We want to create a eliteomgeving development. The project is unique, and the state-of-the-art, . The new infrastructure also meets the highest environmental and quality standards,” said a proud Bossaert, which, inter alia, the use of solar panels to the electricity supply stated. “It has been an important cornerstone in our ambition to become a European and international leaders, to pursue. The royal belgian football association has a lot of other tracks visited: nowhere else in Europe will you have a project like this will find it.”Together with the province, working with the Football association by a travel plan, so that the voetbalcentrum verkeersvriendelijk can be achieved.

as The Belgian football association will be in the second verbouwingsfase the stands of the main field, in a city called Tubize to expand to a capacity of 2,500 spectators. There would be long-term, for example, the matches of the national junior be played in. It needs to be in the near future as well as a futsalzaal from the ground up to be. For projects with no timing.

a New identity

The 125th anniversary of the royal belgian football association, is also the ideal time to create a new identity in the run. “It’s not going to be a radical revolution, rather an evolution and, in view of the three main elements of the old logo for the Football crown, the crown, and the Belgian tricolour were retained. The letters are royal belgian football association and URBSFA to make the new logo in place of the more international-sounding RBFA (Royal Belgian Football Association). One black ball is to the left, with a tight national tricolour with the letter ” B ” of the uk. The black ball will also be the new logo of the Red Devils, the Red Flames, and in 1895 the Official Belgian Fan Club”, it could be that.