History 02/01/20 “Belarusian Susanin”: like a 12 year old boy killed a squad of executioners

As you know, in the years of the great Patriotic war, the children showed no less courage than adults. One of these pioneer heroes have a Belarusian student Tikhon RAM. After the Germans shot all the inhabitants of the native village of Tikhon, including his sisters, he severely avenged the Nazis. However, after this 12-year-old boy did not survive.

Family Partizan

Tikhon M. Baran was born in 1932 in the village Stories (now the territory of the Republic of Belarus) in a large family: from Tikhon had two sisters and three brothers. After the Germans captured the aforementioned town, he Tikhon and his parents, Maxim I. and Daria Ivanovna, brothers and sisters joined the partisan detachment named after S. M. Kirov. Future hero, as the authors of the guidebook of the Belarusian state Museum of the great Patriotic war Galina Babusenko and Gennady barcuna, became, like his mother and sisters, connected.

However, the transfer of information from the villagers of the guerrillas activities Tikhon RAM is not limited. According to Vladimir Verhnyatsky on the pages of his book “Courage has no age. Young defenders of the Fatherland 1941-1945”, for two years Tikhon RAM actively participated in the secret printing house, which was in the dugout, dug out the head of the family, Maxim Ivanovich, near the house under the old Apple tree. This printing house that printed anti-Nazi flyers, and served as headquarters for the leaders of the partisan movement of Belarus.

the Mass execution in the village of

However, the underground opposition did not last long. If you believe Konstantin Zaleski, author of the encyclopedia “Great Patriotic war”, in April 1943, because of the denunciation, Tikhon RAM, his mother and sisters he was exposed and arrested by the Nazis. Darya Ivanovna RAM the Germans sent to concentrationthe first camp in Germany. And her son and daughters, who, like the Nazis thought, no danger to them had no idea were released. After that, the fight against the invaders continued with a vengeance: the guerrillas blew up the enemy’s depots, ambushed, attacked German troops. In General, in every way they survived the enemy territory.

In the end the Germans came to the conclusion that such resistance can only provide all residents the bikes and decided to “take vengeance on” all. On the night of 22 January 1944 in the village came the punitive detachment. The SS shot 957 people, among whom were the sisters of St. Tikhon. Boy own eyes watched the violence: it is the only Nazis left alive to find the way to the guerrilla camp, which at the time were her father and brother Tikhon.

the Feat of Tikhon Sheep

To the surprise of the Germans Tikhon Sheep did not deny it. However, the Germans promised the boy to stay and study in Germany, so his consent but, rather, explained his tempting offer. Tikhon, being coherent, knew a secret trail in the woods, which the Nazis were not even aware. One of them is a Sheep and went in front of the enemy force. However, as writes the edition “History of Belarus” edited by G. I Golenchenko, Tikhon brought the enemy to the camp, and straight into an impassable bog, for which he later received the nickname “the Belarusian Susanin”.

unfortunately, Tikhon RAM completely repeat the fate of a historical person. One of the officers, realizing that he and his colleagues were trapped, killed Tikhon. But it didn’t help: the German squad perished in the marshes in full strength. According to the magazine “Family and school” in 1980, out of the quagmire was only one German who, being a prisoner and told about the heroism of the Belarusian student. Because of this fact about Tikhon RAM is still remembered, and the house where once lived the pioneer-hero, a memorial plaque.

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