The assault began at midnight, there was a video from Yekaterinburg, where Regardie shot the thief Wallpaper

New details emerged in the tangled history of Yekaterinburg, where the 27-year-old Mr Tsankov was shot by roshanali at home after allegedly stole four rolls of Wallpaper. The event occurred on may 31: the young man left with the Wallpaper from a shop near his home, chased him guard, a scuffle ensued.

Then the versions differ. The father of the deceased says that his son didn’t steal, and got it for him somehow pursued “some bandits”, he ran away from them and locked himself in the apartment. Regardie says Taushanov have committed no theft, and assault — was threatened with a knife to the staff, and when police arrived, ran out with a knife and used a bottle with liquid, what “caused injury trying to keep him operative”. Anyway, when the suspect fled the apartment, and the negotiations proved fruitless, the decision was made to conduct the RAID. Today at the disposal of the portal E1.RU there were shots from the cameras that allow you to restore the chronicle of events of the day.