Science, Japanese scientists have developed a new dinosaurussoort found out after the assembly of a nearly complete skeleton. The frame is eight feet long, making it the largest dinosaur in the history of the country, it has been discovered.

After the analysis of hundreds of bones of a 72 million-year-old, was the team led by Hokkaido University, and that the skeleton once belonged to a new species of hadrosaurus, a herbivorous dinosaur during the late cretaceous period the earth was.

The first part of an animal, a part of the tail, which was found in the North of Japan, in 2013. Subsequent excavations brought to light the whole of the skeleton is to the top. The scientists think it’s going to be a mature adult with a nine-year-old with a weight of 4 tons, or 5.3 million tonnes, depending on whether or not it’s on two or four legs, walking around.

The team is called the name of the game, “Kamuysaurus japonicus, the” what “in Japanese drakengod” means, according to a statement from the university. The discovery, published in the British journal Scientific Reports.