The 6th fleet of the United States against the black sea: who will win in the confrontation

Weapons 20/12/19 Википедия6 th fleet of the United States against the black sea: who will win in the confrontation

a spokesman for the 6th fleet of the USA Kyle Raines once said that they are always ready to respond if there is a need to ensure security and stability in the area of the U.S. Navy, including in the area of the Black sea. What is the 6th fleet of the USA might be dangerous for Russia?

a Formidable force

In the Mediterranean sea the us Navy was fixed shortly after the Second world war, and in 1948, the Pentagon has transformed the Mediterranean squadron of the 6th operational fleet, which was destined to become one of the most powerful military units of the United States. Today in the area of responsibility of the 6th fleet in addition to the Mediterranean sea and the adjacent Atlantic waters and the Black sea. American ships are based in Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Turkey.

part of the 6th fleet of the US Navy consists of six operational teams which are completed with ships, aircraft and marine units. The rotation of persons, vessels and aircraft occurs every 6 – 8 months, with the exception of the command ship Mount Whitney and support vessels, which are on combat duty constantly. The quantitative composition of the 6th fleet is almost always the same.

Thus in the Mediterranean sea are constantly: one staff ship, 2 nuclear aircraft carriers, 4 missile cruisers, 5 amphibious assault ships, 15 destroyers, 4 nuclear submarines, 175 aircraft and 21,000 military personnel. About half of the aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Also there is a mobile court logistics, tankers, tanker, floating workshop, a plant for the desalination of sea water, transport of food, the ocean tug and salvage ship.

the Flagship of the 6th fleet – the combined command ship Mount Whitney. It is designed to coordinate the actions of the Navy and performs razvedyvatelfor further functions, and so to the limit stuffed with modern receiving and transmitting equipment. It is devoid of shock systems. From the weapons on it only four guns (two 25 mm and two 20 mm), and four machine guns of 12.7 mm. However, even without accompaniment it is a military threat.

it is Important to note that the 6th fleet is responsible for the terrestrial component of the American missile defense systems deployed in Europe. The ships are equipped with multifunctional combat information and control system Aegis integrated missile defense, thereby able to significantly reduce the power of retaliatory missile strikes from Russia. The Americans have already demonstrated the effectiveness of the Aegis system, when in February 2008 with a down his old spy satellite weighing 5 tonnes at a height of almost 250 kilometers.

all the answers

While Crimea was part of Ukraine, the ships of the 6th fleet regularly came to the shores of the Peninsula. After the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the Americans have focused on naval exercises with the Ukrainian Navy and other NATO partners. So, in July 2016 in the Black sea was held a regular Sea Breeze-2016, which was carried out working out “the multinational operation to restore constitutional order in the crisis region.”

However, today near the Crimean Peninsula, you can watch the destroyers of the “Arleigh Burke” with cruise missiles “Tomahawk” on Board. The commander of the 6th fleet of the U.S. Navy Vice Admiral James Foggo said that, depending on the challenges that will arise in the black sea region, the Pentagon will determine when patrolling us warships. He also acknowledged that Russia is closely watching all movements of American warships and “nine times out of ten they will be accompanied by a Russian warship”.

And what forces has the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation, which in case of conflict, will have to confront the 6th fleet of the USA? Currently in the Black sea there are: 1 missile cruiser, 1 large anti-submarine ship, 6 frigates, 2 patrol ships, 6 small ASW ships, 6 small missile ships, 5 missile boats, sea trawlers 7, 1 road sweeper, 7 large amphibious ships, 5 landing craft and 7 diesel submarines. The personnel of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation – 25 thousand people.

in 2015 the Russian black sea fleet had been significantly upgraded by getting two new frigates — “Admiral Grigorovich” and “Admiral Essen”, and more than 10 anti-sabotage patrol boats and 6 submarines with cruise missiles. For the modernization of black sea fleet in the framework of the Federal programme by 2020 will receive more than 86 billion, and by 2025 it will receive more than 70 ships.

the Flagship of the black sea fleet is missile cruiser “Moskva”, nicknamed “the killer of aircraft carriers”. This ship is designed to strike large surface ships of the enemy. It also provides air defense and fire support of landing troops. According to the Russian military, any ship of the 6th fleet, which will enter the Black sea will become the target of anti-ship complex “Bastion”, equipped with missiles “Onyx”: they are able to control a huge space up to the coast of Turkey.


Despite the extensive modernization of the black sea fleet, the problem is his striking power is still relevant in the first place due to the lack of surface ships – this idea expressed by the former commander of the missile weapons control on the BBC “Komsomolets of Ukraine”, the captain of 1 rank of a stock Sergey Ishchenko.

According to experts, the black sea fleet needs new cruisers, large anti-submarine ships and at least brigade frigates. In addition, a court is morally and technically obsolete, in particular, talking about the patrol ships of project 1135, which for nearly 40 years. As the flagship of the fleet the cruiser “Moskva” is waiting for deep modernization.

In this state of the black sea FLfrom Russia looks very vulnerable to the enemy, as the 6th fleet of the USA. Our fleet is inferior to us not only indicators of material-technical base and tonnage, but the total firepower. The only thing that can deter the Americans is the anti-ship missile systems and air group stationed on the beach.

the American publication The National Interest, paying attention to forces that will counteract the United States in the Black sea, says that, with its Arsenal of cruise missiles “Caliber-NK”, strategic bombers and submarines, the Russian Navy could strike at great distances. According to the newspaper, it is impossible to exclude and attack with precision missiles on American bases in the middle East and in Turkey. At the end of the notes as a recommendation of the 6th fleet, the phrase sounds like this: “Apparently, it would be prudent to exercise restraint”.

Bound by law

Obviously, one of the main reasons to find the Americans in the Black sea is the tension in Russian-Ukrainian relations, in particular, the situation that unfolded around the facilities of the Crimean Peninsula. However, there are a number of obstacles. For example, the agreement between Russia and Ukraine on the status of Azov as an internal sea of the two countries.

That is, without the consent of the Russian side in the waters of the Azov sea to the Americans not to enter. Thinking in Kiev to terminate this contract, but then you have to conclude a new international agreement, which also will be spelled out the wishes of Russia.

Related constraints and the Americans in the Black sea. The Montreux Convention of 1936 does not allow ships nachimovsky States can stay in the Black sea more than 21 days, and the total tonnage should not exceed 30 thousand tons. Warships forbidden to bring back heavy weapons. Thus, the 6th US fleet will be able to keep in the Black sea simultaneously for three weeks, only two ship class cruiser or destroyer.

However, the Americans are set up around the Convention, deLai’s emphasis on the principle of “free navigation” or inciting black sea powers and straschaya their “Russian threat”. But it is obvious that, for example, Turkey, proceeding from its geopolitical interests, will defend any international agreements. In any case, the Americans will follow the words spoken by Admiral Alfred Mahanam that “the naval forces have an impact on policy already a fact of his existence.”

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