That took away from the Germans the red army during the Polish campaign in 1939

History 10/02/20 That took away from the Germans the red army during the Polish campaign in 1939

on 17 September 1939 the Red army crossed the Eastern border of the Second Polish Republic. In ideological terms the Polish campaign can be attributed to revenge for the loss of Western Ukrainian and Belarusian-Lithuanian lands after the Riga peace Treaty of 1921. Conflict in Soviet historiography even called “the Liberation campaign in Western Belarus and Western Ukraine”. According to the official census of the Polish government in many Eastern regions, except for the vicinity of Lviv, Ternopil and Grodno, ethnic poles were not the dominant majority.

phoney war

After the rapid advance of Nazi troops to the Warsaw government fled to Romania and was there in a difficult diplomatic situation, as the French party demanded to form a new coalition. The commander-in-chief rydz-smigly on the evening of 17 September, ordered the army to ignore the Soviet part, to depart to the South-West of the country and to fight only when you try disarmament. The President-in-exile in response to the invasion urged citizens “to maintain courage in the fight against soulless barbarians.” Ordinary soldiers and officers in a situation of total confusion was in complete disarray. Britain and France reacted calmly to Soviet actions. Interestingly, the German high command also received news of the Soviet maneuvers just a few hours before crossing the border. 3 weeks of the operation the Soviet troops lost in the local battle and a half thousand people, 17 tanks, a few dozen cars and planes. The number of dead on the Polish side is a few thousand people. It is believed that in Soviet captivity were 250-300 thousand troops.

the Acquisition

Almost half of the territory of the defunct Polish Republic was under the rule of the USSR. By the end of 1939 was created by breesensitization and Vitebsk region, Belarusian SSR, and the Ternopilska, Stanislav, Lviv, Rivne and Volyn oblasts of the Ukrainian SSR. Under the bilateral Pact, a significant part of historical Vilnius region, Stalin gave the independent the Republic of Lithuania, prior to this thought of Vilna (Vilna) temporarily occupied Polish capital. The soldiers of the Belarusian and Ukrainian fronts had been instructed by 3 October to complete “the evacuation” of military equipment, including rifles, ammunition and fuel, while not attracting the attention of civilians, so the main flow of cargoes in covered wagons. According to Molotov, the army received more than 900 artillery pieces and 300 captured aircraft. The entire river fleet of Poland was flooded. As Moscow demanded the immediate withdrawal of German troops, the German side lost the opportunity to take the captured tanks and guns near Brest and the fortress itself was actually passed along to the defenders of the Polish garrison. This area is also secretly moved two medium tank production “Daimler-Benz”. However, within the boundaries of the USSR has been and millions of people who are skeptical or negative attitude to the Soviet power.

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