That Soviet prisoners of war who escaped on the plane, put in a GULAG

History 17/01/20 that Soviet prisoners of war who escaped on the plane, put in a GULAG

In 1961 Leningrad Studio of documentaries released the film “the Continuation of heroism” dedicated to the red army Nikolai Loshakova and Ivan Denisyuk, who first in world war II escaped from German captivity on the plane. However, how the Motherland received landed heroes, the authors of the tape was silent. Like many other prisoners of the German camps after the fugitives had to pass through the Soviet justice.

the Captivity and escape

a Native of the Kuban Lieutenant Nicholas Mules fought in the 14th guards fighter regiment. His score was 120 combat missions and shot down 3 enemy aircraft. In may 1943, the regiment Loshakova defended the skies of Leningrad. 121-second flight on a Yak-1B was for the 20-year-old pilot fatal. When the enemy shot down his fighter, Loshakova had to jump out with a parachute. Unconscious, bleeding after 13 wounds, he fell in the occupied territory, where it was picked up by the Germans.

According to one version, during the interrogation of the Mules agreed to work on the German air force (or perhaps the BBC ROA). For a start, he was sent to repair roads at a military airfield in the Pskov region (the town of the Island). The tanker worked there another prisoner – staff Sergeant Ivan Denysiuk, a former tank commander. After, they got together to develop a plan for air escape. It was easier to just steal a light reconnaissance aircraft “Storch”. However, there is a problem – Mules had no experience of managing this aircraft, and if he started to investigate on the spot, the fugitives would have lost precious time.

“Denisyuk, who had access to the aircraft began to memorize the location of the instruments in the plane, and evening was drawing Loshakova their locations, says researcher Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev’s book, “the Tribunal “Stalin falcons”. Then he pulled out of the bath Germanth form and hid her in the roadside bushes.”

One day during testing of a Nazi pilot landed the plane just a few hundred meters from the place where he worked for Nicholas. Ivan, dressed winged car, gave the accomplice the signal, and in a few minutes they climbed into the cockpit. They were joined by another captive – Georgy Zotov. Mules successfully lifted the plane into the air, but soon back the whistling bullets. The pursuers failed to bring down the “Storch”, although the fuselage has got 9 holes. Breaking away from the Germans, Mules landed the plane on the oatmeal box near the village Briceno in Novgorod oblast, 300 kilometers from point of departure.

At home

the First of the “adventures” Loshakova and Denisyuk learned britanskogo the Chairman of the collective farm, which “has informed, where follows”. Flown by a German aircraft in German the form of the pilots caused him suspicion. The next day, August 12, 1943, the fugitives arrested. The counter-intelligence Department of the 4th Army of the Volkhov front Loshakova was charged with “treasonable behavior during captivity”. Perhaps Smershevtsy seemed particularly suspicious that during the captivity the Mules were able to save the documents of a candidate member of the party.

the Detainees were tortured. Unable to bear the beatings, Denisyuk after a few days confessed to treason – for which he was sentenced to 20 years. The mules held more firmly. According to some, in his innocence believed, even one of the members, judging it “Troika”. Despite this, the pilot was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. From Vorkutlag Mules, was released on Amnesty in August 1945. The further his career went well – he was the head of the airport Vorkuta. Denisyuk was released later in 1951. Subsequently, members of escape rehabilitated: Loshakova in 1958, Denisyuk in 1962.

this story remains a lot of questions. For example, why the Mules in the written documents of the NKVD pointed out a means of escape Soviet U-2 plane, and not “starch”? Mysterious is the fate of the thirdthe fugitive – George Zotov, about whose participation in the flight in General was not known until 1977. The presence of numerous omissions probably explains why, despite rehabilitation, the Mules never got the title of “Hero of Russia”, but he several times petitioned the authorities of the Komi Republic.

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