That Sergo Ordzhonikidze wrote in a suicide letter to Stalin

History 16/01/20 That Sergo Ordzhonikidze wrote in a suicide letter to Stalin

the head of the Soviet state with the people’s Commissar of heavy industry of the USSR in the last year of life, Ordzhonikidze was an uneasy relationship that led to a tragic outcome. For many years it was forbidden to disclose the true cause of death of the people’s Commissar, it was first voiced by Nikita Khrushchev after the dethronement of Stalin’s personality cult.

What preceded the suicide

As he wrote in his memoirs, Anastas Mikoyan, in 1936, was arrested and executed as an “enemy of the people” brother Ordzhonikidze pachulia, who held the post of chief of the Transcaucasian railway. Sergo Ordzhonikidze in conversation with Mikoyan admitted that understands that without Stalin, there has not been, Lavrenty Beria could not order the arrest of such officer without the consent of the Secretary.

Ordzhonikidze was aware of the loss of confidence on the part of Stalin and sincerely do not understand why this is so. Also the people’s Commissar Mikoyan complained that Molotov’s poisoning him, does not operate normally. From Ordzhonikidze, Stalin demanded to strengthen the fight against sabotage in the field of heavy industry, in 1937, at the February Plenum of the Central Committee of the people’s Commissar had to read a report on this. However, Ordzhonikidze, according to Mikoyan, was not ready to name those arrested or under suspicion leaders under his control businesses pest – he knew them well and in the integrity of the officials no doubt. The most that can be chided, commending the work of the “enemies of the people” – on errors and omissions, but not more.

Ordzhonikidze in February 1937, a few days before the Plenum, many times, went to Stalin to agree on the thesis, spoke on this subject with the Secretary General on the phone. Stalin and the contents of the report didn’t agree with the bent of their own, the sides were fighting. All of this exhausted people’s Commissar Ordzhonikidze, Mikoyan admitted that that he pokonit with you. Moreover, according to Mikoyan, thoughts of suicide Ordzhonikidze had shared with him more than once.

About the last hours of Ordzhonikidze, Mikoyan has learned from the journalist of “Pravda” Seeds of gerberga, the transferor member of the Politburo of the conversation with the widow of Commissar Zinaida, with whom the newspaper spoke at her home in 1956. Zinaida Ordzhonikidze, sentenced after her husband’s death to 10 years in prison, 16 years in silence about how her husband died (according to the official version published in the press, he died of a heart attack, Stalin has forbidden to speak about suicide). The widow said that Sergo Ordzhonikidze in his last hours worked on the report, Stalin all the time condemned his theses, he wrote them a mocking replica of the type “ha ha” back from the Secretary General Ordzhonikidze told my wife that “can’t get along with Koba”. Shortly before that day in the apartment of a Commissar without his knowledge, raided, which only increased the painful morale Ordzhonikidze, he was very worried.

on the day of the suicide to the Ordzhonikidze came to his nephew George Gvakharia (a few months after the death of the Commissar Gvakharia was arrested as an “enemy of the people” and shot). The wife of the Commissar set the table and was going to call her husband, but did not in the bedroom Ordzhonikidze, a shot rang out (the Commissar fired his revolver himself in the heart and died instantly). Zinaida was summoned by telephone to Stalin, and with him came Molotov,Zhdanov, N. Yezhov, the protection officers. Stalin immediately upon arrival, said the official cause of death of the Commissar should be called a heart attack.

Was it the last letter?

the Widow Zinaida Ordzhonikidze confirmed that the suicide letter her late husband left it lying on the dresser. A few scribbled sheets of paper had to take sister Zinaida Faith. But arrived on the scene, the chief of Stalin’s Karl Pauker snatched them from her. Other documents Sergo Ordzhonikidze, who was also in the house was seized by the guards.

Zinaida Ordzhonikidze told to read the letter no one in time, and could only guess about the content of the suicide note. About the essence of the letter is not reported after Stalin’s death. Probably, the existence of this document known and among the party leadership – for example, Anastas Mikoyan in his memoirs recalled that Ordzhonikidze nothing before death did not leave. The son of Lavrenty Beria, Sergo, in an interview claimed the opposite, but the contents of the last Commissar of the letter also said nothing.

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