That Muslims are forbidden to do with a gun

Weapons 31/01/20 That Muslims are forbidden to do with weapons

All the world’s religions, including Islam, is standard to call people to peace. However, every year our planet is becoming more and more weapons. Despite numerous declarations, many people do not want to part with it. While each religion has a special attitude to the pistols, machine guns or nuclear bombs. What Islam says about guns?

the War against the infidels

first and foremost, you must understand how the Muslim Holy book reglamentary possible hostilities between followers of prophet Muhammad and other people. The Qur’an gives, in principle, fairly clear instructions concerning the permissibility of the use of weapons in any given situation.

it is Worth considering that the Quran was written in the first half of the VII century, when a handful of the first followers of the prophet, surrounded by numerous enemies, fought for survival. So the Koran does not forbid Muslims to wage war against the infidels.

this weapon can only be applied in the following cases:
— self-defense.
— protection of brothers in faith;
— prevent rebellion, which can cause greater carnage.
— stop the senseless civilian casualties.
— the restoration of justice.

the Second Surah of the Quran “al-Baqarah” contains verses calling Muslims to the proportionate use of weapons in the fight against infidels: “and Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you, but transgress not the limits” (verse 190) and “Fight them until there is no temptation, and while religion is not entirely to be devoted to Allah. But if they cease, then quarrel one should only with the transgressors” (verse 193).

Islam forbids its followers to fight against the civilian population – women, children and the elderly. And the use of force must be reasonably and proportionately incurred losses.

to Carry a weapon with myself

the Laws of many countries do not allow citizens to carry a firearm or any other weapon. In the Koran there is no such restriction. Explanations on this subject gave Sheikh Mahir Ibn Zafir al-Qahtani in the article “to Carry weapons is Sunnah?” (educational portal date of publication June 11, 2017).

to carry a weapon Muslims are allowed everywhere except Mecca. And this applies not only to mosques, and public buildings, but private homes throughout the city, sacred to followers of Islam.

If the person is in the zone of military conflict or fears of enemy attack, the Koran encourages him to carry weapons. The fourth Surah “An-Nisa” contains these words: “When you travel throughout the land, then you will not sin, if you shorten some of your prayers (prayers) if you fear that those who disbelieve. Indeed, the unbelievers are a clear enemy of the Unbelievers… I wish you careless about your weapons and your baggage so they could attack you once. You will not sin, if you put down your weapon when you are troubled by rain or are ill, but be careful” (verses 101-102).

in addition, without weapons it is not recommended to walk in those places where there are dangerous predators or of the not less bloodthirsty robbers. However, if a Muslim is sure that the enemies won’t attack him during prayer or peaceful labour, the carrying of rifles (grenade launcher or machine gun) is not required.

Regular cleaning

Not only the mind, body and garment of a believer should be clean, but all objects used by man, should be kept in order. This applies to pistols with daggers, which must regularly be cleaned from dirt, grease.

“And weapons (from praying) should not be in sewage, must not dirty filth of his clothes in prayer, and should not be heavy.small enough to preclude the waist and prostrations to interfere with humility. As, for example, a gun that carries a soldier: if he come to pray and perform it, there is no problem”, – said in his admonition above-mentioned Sheikh Mahir Ibn Zafir al-Qahtani.

Not directed at Muslims

of Course, the rules of handling weapons can vary depending on who directed the barrel. Like all religions, Islam also implies a clear division of people into brothers in faith and all the rest. Such is the nature of people – we are United in groups on a particular symptom of not trusting strangers.

the Quran categorically rejects the idea of the possibility of enmity between Muslims. On the portal 31 August 2016 published an article “the Angels curse whoever points the gun at his brother,” written by Muhammad sultans. The author noted that Islam strictly prohibits any acts or statements that could weaken the unity of believers.

to Send weapons to the Muslim is forbidden for two reasons: first of all, it is a sin to intimidate a brother in the faith, and secondly, careless handling of a gun, pistol or dagger can cause serious harm.

Therefore, even in jest, you cannot turn the trunk toward the fellow. However, it is an elementary rule for the treatment of any items dangerous to life or health of people.

a Nuclear Apocalypse

Writer Ildar Mukhamedjanov has written an article “does Islam use nuclear weapons?”, which was published by information and analytical edition of “Islam” on November 11 2015. The author has given a definite answer to the question.

“Even those scholars who admit the use of nuclear weapons, emphasize that this can only be done as a retaliatory measure to a nuclear strike inflicted on the civilian population”, – says Ildar Mukhamedjanov.

Famous theologian Muhammad al-Hassan ash-Shaybani (749-805) in his work “Kitab as-siyar al-Kabir” has led an appeal of the respected Caliph Abu Bakr to the soldiers: “do Not commit treachery, and do not deviate from the true path. Do not freak dead bodies, don’t kill neither child nor woman, neither old man, do not break trees and don’t burn them… ruining the crops and store them for food. You can come across people who have dedicated themselves to the monastic life. Leave them alone.”

As any weapon of mass destruction inevitably brings death to the civilian population, the majority of Islamic thinkers strongly reject the possibility of its use by Muslims. It is contrary to morality.

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