That Kalashnikov borrowed from foreign weapons

Weapons 27/12/19 That Kalashnikov borrowed from foreign weapons

the Legendary assault rifle AK – the weapon that is shrouded with many myths. Its Creator Mikhail Kalashnikov was called a plagiarist who appropriated the ideas of foreign gunsmiths. However, the fact remains – in the beginning of the Cold war, Russian designer created a weapon that, for their fighting qualities, reliability and ease of production still has no equal.

the Birth of the “Kalash”

the Idea of the automaton, i.e., an assault rifle with a high density of fire, originated long before the Second world war. One of the prototypes of modern machines, it is customary to assume, for example, the French experimental carbine Ribeiros, created in 1918. Although this hybrid machine guns and rifles were tested on the battlefield, the French army abandoned him, because at that time few understood how to use such weapons.

the Effectiveness of automatic fire showed the Second world war. It was not machine guns, and submachine guns that used to fire pistol cartridge. After the war it was decided to go on the so-called “intermediate cartridge” and between designers around the world have started a real “race”.

Mikhail Kalashnikov a few times subjected his creation of native processing, while the result did not accept the command of the Soviet army. According to biographer Anatoly Kalashnikov Muravleva, the main merit of the designer that provided AK “longevity”, was developed a bunch of bolt and shutter. The principle Kalashnikov, who placed these items in the upper part of the receiver, then took over foreign designers.

“Much else in the system, as in others, like her, wore a changing superstructure and even a compilation character,” notes Muravlev.

differently in the USSR, 1940-ies and could not be. The modern concept of intellectual property thenand simply did not exist. Some ideas Kalashnikov borrowed from Soviet colleagues. For example, a stamped receiver, he took from the machine gun Lad (the designers of Fierce, Afanasiev, Dakin). A diagram of the Assembly and disassembly of the AK and the method of joining the frame and the receiver was the same as in the machine bolt carrier tilt. Many Kalashnikov borrowed from one of the main competitors – the designer of the Tula TSKB No. 14 Alexey Bulkin.

Foreign borrowing

in addition to developments each other Soviet designers, including Kalashnikov had access to samples of foreign weapons.

Initially, the AK was far from perfect the trigger mechanism. To refuse it suggested that Colonel Vladimir Dakin, who pointed the Kalashnikov at a more suitable host Czech semi-automatic rifle ZH-29. This weapon, developed by designer Vaclav Holck in 1929, was recognized as the best in comparative tests in the United States, but the Americans have not taken it on Board. Rifle used only by Czechs and Chinese. Despite a good trigger, the rifle of Holck complicated in manufacturing and in the field quickly failed.

Another “ancestor” of the AK – rifle Remington-8 Browning design, which Kalashnikov took the lever of the fuse which protects from dust the window arm bolt.

the Most controversial is the extent of borrowing Kalashnikov of the ideas of German designer Hugo Schmeisser. Developed the first mass Schmeisser assault rifle Stg-44 had a significant resemblance with the “Kalash”. However, the closeness of the design of the barrel was due to the “common” vapor engine, which did not come up with a Schmeisser. In constructive terms Stg-44 had a completely different system of locking the barrel – method of warp gate. With regard to the accepted version that the Schmeisser, who from 1946 to 1952 he worked at the Soviet Izhevsk, is the real “author” of the AK, she has no evidence. Documents talking about that Schmeisser had the help of Russian gunsmiths. According to the characteristic, which in 1949 gave him the management of the plant Izhmash, Schmeisser “from any development refused, citing the lack of special education and the inability to independently design”. Further in the paper it was concluded that to attract Schmeisser to work at the factory impossible. However, despite this, the Germans did not go home until 1952.

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