Than the German prisoners were fed in the USSR

History 06/01/20 Than German prisoners were fed in the USSR

In his book “Go in peace” Vladimir Vsevolodov provides the following data: during the war, was captured about 2.7 million German soldiers and officers, as well as a little more than 700 thousand of their allies. From 1945 and 1958, more than 85% of them were repatriated. Many left detailed memories trapped in time.

On the way to the camp

Remembering the conditions of detention in Soviet camps for prisoners of war, many Germans referred to them quite satisfactory, recognizing that the Soviet soldiers were held in Germany in much worse conditions. But the camp still had to get to, and it was possible far not to everyone. Officer of the Wehrmacht, Wolfgang Morell, who was taken prisoner in January 1942, told me that he and some of his companions had done almost two weeks way before they got to the infirmary, and then to the camp.

the Daily hours transitions in any weather, bread, water and occasionally in the evening, hot food, frostbite, and dysentery — that’s what I had to face Wolfgang, before he was taken to the Moscow infirmary and one of his comrades died in his arms. Morel was not lucky — because his way lay through the village, destroyed during the fighting and retreating from the capital by the Germans.

Life and work in the camp

of former conquerors in the USSR were built more than 300 camps in Kazakhstan and Moscow, Ukraine and the far East. Contained in them was supplied in the same way as the soldiers of the red army at the front: a pound of bread and vegetables, 100 g fish and grits, sugar, salt, tea and flour. In late 1943, when it’s on the front went better rations have been increased. And patients suffering from emaciation and General composition stood on the improved allowances.

prisoners of war Worked 8 hours a day and at the end of the month even received a small cash reward — from 7 roubles (soldiers), etc.about 30 rubles (generals). For the fulfillment of the plan of the premium paid. The labor of German prisoners were used in the rear — where the acute shortage of hands. To meet a soldier or army officer could be almost anywhere: in the logging, construction and farm.

the Attitude to prisoners of war

Joseph Hendrix, is also captured in 1942 in the book “the Taste of wormwood” called the seven years he spent in the Soviet camp, the most severe in your life, but admitted that the attitude of the Soviet soldiers and ordinary people were generally friendly. Seeing the hunger in the eyes of captured German soldiers, the locals often helped them with food.

But Joseph surprised even this, and the respectful attitude to the Russian prisoners of war stuff. He had a wrist watch, which he carefully hid, to avoid being taken away. One of the Soviet officers, seeing this, took not hours, but on the contrary, gave the prisoner a paper that hours — personal property Hendricks, after which he was able to wear them openly.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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