Than Americans were blackmailing cities to stay in the United States

29/01/20 more Than Americans were blackmailing cities to stay in the U.S.

Ivan Poddubny, known as the strongest man of his time, a professional wrestler, winner of many international Championships. He was born in 1871 in a small village bogoduhovka of Poltava province. His incredible strength Ivan had inherited from several generations of ancestors who were Zaporozhian Cossacks and almost fought all his life.

the very Poddubny had to work as a simple laborer. The career of a future champion started at the age of 12. Took on the hardest work, because the family was very poor. At the age of 22 Ivan fell in love and went after his beloved Alena in the Crimea.

path Poddubny was due to the conflict with the father of Alena. The girl came from a very rich family in which the father of the bride had also refused to take poor Ivan. Lover boy had no how to make money. A lot of money.

Road to success

at First Poddubny got to port a loader. The natural power allowed the guy to carry a huge amount of work. Soon about the only one out of many sailors of Sevastopol and Feodosiya. Thanks to them, Ivan met with different types of combat and special training.

In 1896-om Ivan began were at the circus Beskaravayny in Feodosia. His main role was a weight lifter and an athlete. Earlier in the arenas of circuses often showed battles famous wrestlers. Just a few years, the high and mighty of the nature of Ivan Poddubny became widely known.

He met in duels with the most famous Champions of the time: George Lulham, Raoul Le Boucher, poppy, etc. For the time of professional activity — and that as many as 40 years — in Poddubny happened a single defeat in combat. However, he never lost a championship and competitions.

Fees Poddubny

His first big fee hopeovich received at the international championship in St. Petersburg. In several battles the athlete put on the blades of its main competitors — Champions of the Bush, and Pons.

For the victory in the championship Poddubny received 5 thousand rubles. In those days it was a fortune. The winner asked to bring money and a coat directly to the ring, fearing that behind the scenes it will simply kill and Rob you.

At some point, the star of the ring was close to the Russian Empire. Im interested in abroad, and Ivan Maksimovic gladly accepted the invitation to speak at the French open. But first he had 3 months to learn Greco-Roman style of wrestling. Poddubny successfully coped with the task and made in 1905 for the world Cup in France.

“Russian Bogatyr”, as he called fans, did not remain without attention of the foreign press. With the growth of 185 cm, he weighed over 120 kg and was struck by the powerful physique and always wore a 16-pound cane to keep fit. The French admired and article, and victories of the hero of the ring.

the Most outrageous episodes from the life Poddubny linked with performances abroad. For the victory in France, the athlete received 10 thousand francs. Its main competitor, Le Boucher, hired a professional killer to take possession of the money. Ivan Maksimovic was forced to abandon a trip to Italy and hurry to hide in Africa. Killers, not having received the promised fee, killed the Le Boucher.

American “untouchable” Foundation

For the years 1904-1909 was a “Golden age” of Ivan Poddubny. He earned so many medals that the total mass of all of them weighed 2 pounds. For his many wins a fighter has received a large sum, which enabled it to acquire 131 acres of land, a manor house, 2 mills and fashionable horse-drawn carriage.

Alas, the landlord of the hero of the ring came out bad. He quickly went broke and returned to their professional activities. Was performed in the circus, and in international tournaments. He is still very well paid, but the bulk of the fees Poddubnoabout forever “floated” out of his hands.

the Advent of Soviet power, the champion was met with enthusiasm. From 1922 he began to work in Moscow, then Petrograd circus. State salaries had not been granted already accustomed to the luxurious life of a champion. In the NEP period, he seized the moment and began to tour abroad, where he is still very well paid.

a Deafening splash was waiting for Ivana Maksimovic in the United States. Admiring “the mighty Russian” the Americans wore it on his hands. Poddubny has traveled all the States, where for each performance received several thousand dollars. For safekeeping, the money was put in the Bank. That was the main mistake of the champion.

America was not prepared for the fact that Russian athlete wants to return home. Yes, and somewhere in the hungry land of the Soviets! Poddubny persisted. Then he began to blackmail the fact that the fees can only be used by a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil. Out of the country they are not allowed.

no matter How sorry to say goodbye to a well-earned, Ivan Maksimovic did not want to take American citizenship and returned to the Soviet Union. He lived until 1949 and ended its life in abject poverty. To subsist in old age, the former hero of the ring had to pawn all his medals.

the size of the U.S. contribution

Legendary fees Poddubny and left lying in the account at us Bank. What is the amount of contribution to date, the management of the Bank does not disclose. However, for more than 70 years taking into account accrued interest and inflation, it could grow to more than a decent size.

the Writer Zbigniew Wojciechowski in the biographical book “Ivan Poddubny. To overcome it could only women” indicates that at the time of departure of the athlete from the States on his American account lay more than half a million dollars. In America I had to leave also a luxury car and a Villa. Home Ivan Maksimovic returned only with the clothes and purchased on the occasion of the kettle.

Interestingly, after youturn the feature film about the famous wrestler (2014) “untouchable American contribution” attracted the interest of many famous faces. Candidate of legal Sciences, Deputy Alexander Sidyakin prepared to find relatives Poddubny and to help her regain the inheritance of a famous ancestor.

According to his assumptions, at the moment in the American account of the legends of Russian sport lies not less than a million dollars. This information Agency of Political Investigations (API) received from the entourage of the Deputy. How realistic is it to seize money from the Americans of the late Ivan Poddubny and what the real amount, time will tell.

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