Teletank TT-26: how the Soviet Union used

Weapons 18/01/20 of Teletank TT-26: how the Soviet Union used “combat robots” against Finns

the Soviet military engineers were often ahead of their time, at least, conceptually. Few people know that in 30-e years was tested teletank TT-26 was one of the first machines that are controlled remotely. However, the experience of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940 have shown that the technical level of that time still did not allow to create a truly effective.

Development and test

the First Soviet tank on the radio was the French light tank Renault FT, which in 1929 set of special equipment. It was subsequently established on 7 series models of the TT, the best of which was the TT-26 (codenamed “Titan”). This tank was armed with a removable flamethrower, and machine gun DT and could be controlled from a distance of half a kilometer (under ideal conditions – up to 1,5 kilometers).

engaged in the “Sptecbureau” under the direction of inventor Vladimir Bekauri who was supported by the high ranks of the red Army. The future for remote-controlled military equipment seen Marshal Tukhachevsky. He spoke not only about tanks, but about unmanned aircraft, torpedo boats and submarines. These projects have cost the Soviet people in the tens of millions of rubles. Bekauri, which some historians believe “technical adventurer”, was shot in 1938. But from his heritage, it was decided not to refuse.

the First experiments of use in the Winter war

Unleashed by Stalin in 1939, the conflict with Finland, as it is known, showed the weakness of the red Army, who failed to “hurriedly” to defeat the troops of a small country. It is the Winter war was a “baptism of fire” for RC tanks.

These tanks was part of the 20th armored brigade. S. M. Kirov. The beginning of the war there were 7-I specrate of the seven TT-26. And on December 10, the brigade was replenished with the 217th separate tank battalion, which included 33 mAtires.

the First attack, the battalion has taken 17 December 1939, helping the offensive infantry division. However, the first machines controlled by levers, and then let the battle 3 tanks that are managed remotely. Because of the incompetence of the command one TT-26 was lost, the other two returned to their original positions.

Re “the Soviet military robots” was set in motion when the attack moved herself armored brigade. Five TT-26 were followed in the forefront the tank blow, covering the “standard” T-28, was completely destroyed by Finnish artillery.

In the further part of Telecinco 217 of the battalion were used as regular tanks and covering infantry. This decision may have been dictated by the fact that remote-controlled vehicles revealed a significant drawback – rough terrain, as well as near high-voltage power lines devices Telecinco ceased to receive radio signals.

operation in February

once Again, Telecinco remembered in February 1940. They decided to use for openly “suicidal” tasks, where it is not worth the risk to manpower.

February 10 through TT-26 the Russians planned to undermine dot No. 35 in the area Hotinen on the Mannerheim line. For this purpose, three Talamanca loaded explosives. However, the first car launched on the Finnish positions, they came under fire and exploded away from the goal. After that, the two remaining TT-26 was disarmed.

From 14 to 18 February, four teletank was blown up in the minefields, which were opened with them. 217 after this, the battalion was sent to the reserve. The entire battalion lost 42 Talamanca, 6 of which are already beyond recovery.

Other TT-26 was set to fight on February 28 near Vyborg, but they all got into shell craters became an easy target for Finnish anti-tank guns.

On the impact of military vehicles on the radio, the researchers argue. Some provide data about the two undermined the Finnish pillboxes, others say that the enemy did not suffer any damage. In any case, the real impact in the battle against telyakov has not been commensurate with the enormous sums invested in their development. In the great Patriotic war TT-26 was used without the TV equipment as a conventional fighting machine.

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