Tanya-partisan: who was the last love of Che Guevara

History 22/01/20 Tanya-partisan: who was the last love of Che Guevara

the name of the legendary Comandante of the Cuban revolution Ernesto Che Guevara is known even to those who are not interested in history. His image is firmly entrenched in popular culture, his portraits meet t-shirts, mugs and smartphone cases. But few have heard another name. The girl’s name of Russian-German origin EIDE-Tamara Bunkyo Bider nicknamed Tanya-partisan. But it was not only the right hand of the famous Latin American freedom fighter, but his last love.

first sight

“Fleeting star, a miracle to meet on my way” – as a great revolutionary, called his latest beloved. They first met in December 1960, when Che Guevara toured the socialist countries. During a visit in the GDR Latino students it becomes a translator of the 23-year-old Tamara Bunkyo – a graduate of the Leipzig Institute and Berlin’s Humboldt University, perfectly owned Spanish, German and Russian languages.

Young beauty immediately won the attention of the temperamental Argentine. Bright creative nature, she was not only attractive in appearance but also possessed many talents: perfectly sang, danced, played musical instruments. About the Tamara and can not speak – the passion for hero-revolutionary swept over her immediately, because she grew up in a family of Communists (father a German, mother Russian), born during their exile from Nazi Germany to Argentina, where they conducted underground revolutionary struggle.

on the first day of meeting between Che and the future partisan Tanya began a whirlwind romance, and six months later she moved to Havana to study at the faculty of journalism of the University of Havana and working at the Ministry of education.

guerrilla trail

a Peaceful life in Havana was for Tamara only Attaitem. In March 1963 it was agreed to be partisan-the underground worker in one of the countries of Latin America. During the year, the girl taught cryptography, telecommunications, the rules of conspiracy, and then not Tamara, and Tanya-partisan fake documents in the name of the Argentine German-born Laura Gutierrez Bauer arrived in La Paz, Bolivia. There she gained the confidence of the higher officials of the Bolivian government, traveled the country, allegedly conducting ethnographic research, but in fact establishing links with the local left-wing radicals, and even got a DJ on the radio, having the opportunity to give the commander an encrypted message live.

From January 1966 to the ranch of Calamine canyon Nancahuasu purchased with the money of the Cuban Ministry of defense, the guerrilla Tanja organised rebel base, which are illegally moved one after the other Cuban revolutionaries, including Che Guevara. The rebels were hard to prepare for the offensive.

the failure of the operation

However, the plans of Che Guevara was broken. Among the rebels there were traitors who gave the police the location of the guerrilla camp. Detachment Che had to engage in battle with government troops and then hide in the jungle. The rebels were in complete isolation. In addition, the population of Bolivia was not ready to accept the revolutionary mood, trying to recruit local farmers failed.

Use Tanya-partisan for external relations has also become impossible: during a RAID, military found her jeep in which there was a notebook with all the contacts, and in her apartment, found photos, was surprised to learn about close acquaintance scout with the Minister of defence, General Alfredo Ovando, the President of Bolivia, Rene Barrientos. Not being able to return to La Paz, Tanya-partisan remained in the detachment of Che Guevara as a private soldier.

Betrayal and death

After numerous losses during the frequent clashes with the Bolivian military Che Guevara PRInal the decision to temporarily divide his squad, leaving Tanya-partisan with a dozen soldiers under the command of hero of the Sierra Maestre, Joaquin (Wilo Nunez). It was the last time Comandante Che saw his Fleeting Star. Local farmer by the name of Roxas, whose squad Thani met in the woods, asked for the role of the conductor, and he gave Partizan the nearest military unit.

While a small detachment crossed the Ford of the river, they are ambushed hit by machine-gun fire. Partisan Tanya and her comrades were slain on the spot. And forty days after the death of Tani for his lover on the light has gone, and Che Guevara himself, who was executed by Bolivian authorities. So the names of Ernesto Che Guevara and “Russian Tanya” EIDE-Tamara Bunkyo Beader forever – not only in life but in death.

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