According to Syrian state media, five people were killed in a rocket attack in central Syria. Seven other people were injured in the attack on Friday evening, including a child, according to the Sana news agency.

The airstrike came from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, from the western area of ​​the coastal town of Banias. The Syrian military blamed Israel for the attack. A civilian was also among the dead. Several fires have broken out in the forests of Masyaf west of Hama. According to Sana, Syrian air defenses shot down most of the missiles.

Israeli planes fired at least eight rockets, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. These would have hit weapons depots and military posts of Iranian militias in the Masyaf region.

The observatory said four soldiers of unknown nationality were killed and seven injured. It is the twelfth attack by Israel on Syrian territory since the beginning of the year.