“Sylt or Spandau – honestly, what’s the point?” wrote the BVG when I played a bit of ping-pong with them via Twitter for the Spandau newsletter. The tweet made the rounds – and couldn’t be more up-to-date.

Because from Sunday, June 12, 2022, there will finally be a direct train from Seegefelder Straße to Westerland/Sylt. It used to be there in the cold winter, but was discontinued in the spring when it was just getting warmer. So now the summer version: Shortly after 9 a.m. the Intercity starts from Spandau. Journey time: 5 hours, price: 39 euros.

After a 50-minute stay on Sylt – enough for a beach selfie and herring rolls – the retreat rolls back to Spandau and stops again on the Havel shore shortly before 9 p.m. The summer North Sea connection will be offered until the end of August.

If you prefer to take the 9-euro ticket for the short route, please do so: the Regio starts at 9.40 a.m., changes trains three times (Schwerin, Hamburg, Itzehoe) and already at 6 p.m. after just a paltry 8.5 hours drive you are on the island. But hey, saved 30 euros!

And otherwise? Westerland (9,000 people) has fewer inhabitants than the Spandau district of Wilhelmstadt (40,000 people). Sylt has the Uwedüne, we have the Haveldüne. Sylt has Gosch, we “Fisch Frank” in the old town. Sylt has Leysieffer, in Spandau “Butter Lindner” was founded. Sylt has watts, but that could have been for a long time.

The “Florida” ice cream parlor next to the North Sea Clinic on Sylt is history (here is a cute video), in Spandau we have two branches. On Sylt I saw the doctors 20 years ago at a concert at the Westerland airfield, in Spandau on Monday for the first time – but you can read about that here in the newsletter.

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I recently recommended a place in Berlin that is as relaxed as the North Sea ferry port: with seagulls, the smell of the sea, car ferries and fish sandwiches. Exactly, at Berlin’s car ferry in Hakenfelde – here is my Tagesspiegel text. Ideal getaway! And the esteemed BVG even drives there with the long yellow one.

And, oh yes, the Tagesspiegel has published a new “Nordsee” issue. The magazine is now available in the Tagesspiegel shop for 10.80 euros, and as always cheaper for subscribers.

And here I will name the other topics that you will find in the current Tagesspiegel newsletter for Berlin-Spandau.

– “The houseboats are not getting any fewer”: In the newsletter, the city councilor speaks about the start of the boating season, party ships, police jet skis and the junk ship “Yellow Submarine” in Kladow

– Hallelujah at the Haveldüne! Spandau’s gospel choir gives a benefit concert for the Ahr Valley and talks about the best places in the district in the newsletter

– “We grow birch trees on the roof”: Pastor of the mighty Lutheran Church talks about the construction site and benefit evenings in the newsletter

– Construction start: Update on Johnny-K-Park in Staaken in the newsletter

– “We have a property in mind”: Youth councilor speaks in the newsletter about the new youth club on Blasewitzer Ring in the Kiez Heerstraße Nord

– Corona, dentists and school check: City Councilor for Health speaks in the newsletter about the situation in early summer

– New stadium for Spandau? The city councilor for sports brings up the new location in the newsletter

– News about the citizen registration offices in Kladow, Falkenhagener Feld and Staaken

– “One of the last contemporary witnesses is dead”: mourning in Spandau

– Long day of urban nature in Spandau – with 3 tips from a particularly great place

– The music school invites you – three times!

– 190 times applause: Spandau’s sports honors in the citadel

– 24 hour benefit paddling on the Havel

– BVG headquarters on the newsletter: “Sylt or Spandau – honestly, what’s the point?”

– Newsletter reports on the doctors’ concert from the citadel

By the way, in our newsletters from Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Spandau, Tempelhof-Schoeneberg and of course in all other district people newsletters from the Tagesspiegel, you can find out about the birthdays of friends, life partners, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, business partners etc. or congratulate yourself with a few nice words. Write to our authors, whose e-mail addresses you will find in the newsletters.