Survivors of the shooting: as the

History 05/02/20 Survivors after the shooting: as the “resurrected” victims of the Nazi executioners

the Human body is extremely resilient and tenacious. During times of stress include internal resources that allow us to go through incredible hardship. This was manifested especially strongly in the years of the great Patriotic war, when the people endured hunger, cold and lack of sleep. There were situations when people were worried about… shooting their own.

the Surviving scouts

Soviet cosmonaut Konstantin Feoktistov in the Great Patriotic war as a teenager, was on a reconnaissance mission in his native Voronezh. Repeatedly his companions in the city were detained by the Nazis. The last time was caught and taken to be shot. In the autobiographical novel “Trajectory of life” Feoktistov describes how it happened.

SS, having brought the boy to the pit, shot him point blank with a gun. Feoktistov from a blow to the jaw collapsed into the hole, briefly lost consciousness, but soon recovered. Heard the Germans talking to each other upstairs. Then they were gone. The guy decided to play dead and not move at all. After a while, Feoktistov was going to get out of a four-foot pit. But he heard the Nazis are back, and again lay on the bottom of the tomb, adopting the same pose. The Germans stood and looked and went away again. Then the Voronezh finally climbed out of the pit and barely made it to his reconnaissance.

the Bullet Konstantin Feoktistov punched in the chin and neck came through, the esophagus was not damaged. After some time, the swelling subsided, and the young scout was treated in a field hospital.

a veteran of the war Pyotr Filonenko in the Great Patriotic war was also a teenager and served in the intelligence division. As recalled Filonenko, he was repeatedly thrown into the German rear, the boy then brought valuable information about the location of Hitler’s parts and their weaponry.

Stalingrad Filonenko along with groppoi of red army soldiers were captured. The prisoners were taken to be shot, shots rang out, but the boy managed to overshadow one of the fighters. Filonenko only wounded. When the Germans left, the young scout, get out from under the bodies of executed comrades, reached the nearest hut. Her mistress hid and left the wounded man.

…and the partisans

In the book, Yevgeny Fyodorov, “the Truth about the military Rzhev. Documents and facts,” describes a case of recovery after the shooting of one of the Rzhevsky underground – Dmitry Ogurtsov. Dmitry with his father helped the guerrillas: the son gathered for their weapons, and his father was fixing. In the spring of 1942 they and a few others denounced arrested punitive. After a brief interrogation led to the shooting.

then he recalled Dmitry Cucumbers, saved him that during the shooting above the village seemed to Soviet bombers, the bombing started and the Germans were in a hurry to finish the execution as soon as possible. Cucumbers fell into the pit not affected by the bullet, on top of it was the body of the murdered father. Left at the tomb of the hour left, and Dmitry climbed out of the pit. In one of the houses he was dressed, and the question came German, where did this guy, Dimitri lied that “raced in a field of horses,” and the Nazi behind. Soon Cucumbers left in guerrilla group.

Belarusian partisan Konstantin Kolyada, captured, shot in February 1944. The guy was taken out of the column, the SS searched, and told to go, supposedly letting loose. And he meanwhile pulled the gun from a holster and fired. Carol fell into the snow unconscious. When I woke up and realized that he was alive, crawling on the road, hoping that it will certainly lead to some kind of settlement.

He was lucky, badly wounded noticed a local resident, wrapped it up. As it turned out, the bullet hit the head, exited through the nasal septum. Minsk luminaries of medical Sciences who made the carols of surgery, showed the patient to his colleagues, confirming the uniqueness of this case in the history of gunshot wounds to the head: happiness partisan, hthat he survived such a shot.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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