The Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bahn has commissioned the management Board of the group, various options for the sale of the foreign subsidiary, Arriva. Explored a sale of up to 100 percent to one or more investors, as well as an IPO, such as Deutsche Bahn announced.

the sale of the options is to be limited according to the communication from the debt increase. At the same time Arriva’s new game is to win space for growth. Track boss Richard Lutz had proposed to the Federal government in January to sell Arriva. At the time, it was said, that could yield about four billion euros.

the Chairman of The German train drivers Union, Claus Weselsky, who had previously said that it was “obviously regretful” if the company had calculated to sell the investments that also generate revenue. But since it was necessary to strengthen the equity base, not to speak of the trade Union against a sale.

Brexit could Arriva-value

The company’s valuation is due to the uncertainty about Brexit is difficult to calculate. DB Arriva has its headquarters in the North of England, Sunderland and employs more than 50,000 people. The subsidiary company operates in 14 European countries, buses and trains. According to Deutsche Bahn, Arriva achieved in the past year, sales of 5.44 billion euros.

the Federal court of auditors had asked in January, the Federal government in a special report to the Bundestag, “to sell unneeded parts of the company.” This is mainly Arriva and the international logistics subsidiary, Schenker AG were meant to be.

Currently, negotiations between the railway and the Federal government regarding additional funding for repairs and expansion work. The main problems are a lack of tracks and an outdated infrastructure. The railway Board wants to spend over the next five years, five billion euros, in addition to trains and rails.