The Newspaper for those Who book a package holiday with Sunweb, it bears its part for the environment without having to be in his portfolio of experience. The agency will pay for the CO2 emissions of all its travellers – from flight, to hotel. “We know that CO2 offsetting is not the solution to climate change, but the travel industry must now take action.”

please Note: the front of the beach store might be in order if you are in a busy New York city resident, or in this term, still plan to get there is to fly. With a return trip to The Big Apple with hunt for 3 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in the air – all of the greenhouse gases that have been converted to the warming effect of CO2 into the atmosphere. According to climate expert, Pieter Boussemaere, that is more than the emissions of an average Flemish citizen who, for a year, drive a car, the purchase and the maintenance kit”. Even though we have more and more “green” to want to fly in, make a deposit of no Belgians on a klimaatbijdrage to reduce the CO2 emissions of his or her travel to the competition.

What is the traveller do not need, but the agency will do, they will find the Sunweb Group, which is one of the largest tour operators in Europe. From today’s the sun, or a skiing destination, book with Sunweb, or Eliza Was Here, providing a standard, fully CO2-neutral. This also applies to customers located in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, the united Kingdom, Germany, and France. “Research has shown that too few travelers to make their booking, check their CO2 emissions on a voluntary basis and compensate, if there is time,” says commercial director, Tim van den Bergh. “Who is to pay delivery charges to our account. We have had a long time to think about how we, as a klimaatbijdrage to be able to provide that shall add. The only compensation to pay for the flight and seemed not to be enough.”

Sunweb also for CO2 offsetting when travelling by bus, transfers from and to the location and the accommodations. In contrast to many other organisations, the traveler will pay any additional costs, “He does not pay any additional fee, and our trips are not more expensive,” adds Van den Bergh. “It’s true that a large portion of the budget, with a few of the hundreds of thousands of euros, you don’t get it – but sustainability is such an important thing for the future. Our customers are in order, as well as our staff. The excitement was never greater than during the last half of the year as a behind-the-scenes work on this project as it was. We know that this is not the ultimate solution to combat climate change, but it is crucial for the industry to take action.”

The CO2 emissions for each trip is calculated on the basis of a number of parameters. The compensatiegeld will go to projects that are reducing emissions by the same amount of reduction. By the end of 2020, the company will show how many tonnes of CO2 are going.

“Already, we are putting up with ClimateCare to at least 350,000 tonnes of CO2 next year. Each and every year thereafter, we entered the engagement with about 10% more CO2, and to offset related to the minimum growth rate that we have come to expect. We of course don’t know in advance what our customers will love the book and the release of an all-in-Egypt is different from that of a trip to France.”
wind Turbines

The money will be spent on new offshore wind farms in India, which is generating electricity for the 76.000 households. “To many people sounds like a far-off-from-their-bed-show’, and also, internally, the issue is to focus on projects closer to home, we are a Belgian organisation, with a lot of Greek customers. We would plant trees – even a very good, and very easy to use, but it’s actually the range you have, there’s not much more to it. European research projects are already funded. In India, it would, the wind farm will not be without our aid be able to exist. Since investment has a much greater impact on the environment.”