Families with young children up to three years can get a “coronavirus” child support in the amount of 5 thousand rubles — money is paid every month from April to June. To make payment on the websites public Services or Pension Fund. Mother of three children Julia Shulzhenko said the NHS, what challenges she had to face when making benefit — perhaps this story will save you from these problems and errors. Published column large Siberian.

the First attempt was made through public Services. An error occurred on the website: the child’s surname khandoshkin and the name Herman. The system initially wouldn’t let me, thought I was in the line “name” write a name. I swapped, that is the name written German, and in the name Evgeniev. Thought consider, the testimony of the birth is. Sit, wait, and no answer. It runs for two weeks. The neighbor said: “I got money”, though sent a request five days later than me (I’m 15 April, she is the 20th and four days later have already received).