Still A “Big Drop” as the saviour of a point at the San Siro. With his sixth of the season, saved the Red Devil’s Inter-an embarrassment to his own people to Listen. The Nerazzurri have forgotten to take advantage of the loss of points from the titelconcurrent The competition.

as long As they are in Milan and have to wait for that. For ten years now. Romelu Lukaku is the first Inter player who has managed six goals in his first nine matches in the Serie A since Diego Milito was in 2009. One two punch that ‘Big ‘ Games will make it possible to sign up to. He kicks it to his left.

Long does he have tonight waiting for the approval of the VAR. The wizard had his final in first place, for the prior-excluded from Candreva. The lines have been drawn, studied, and analyzed. Only a handful of minutes later Lukaku course. Its counter is at six. A beautiful balance.

Inter krasselde for the rest, offensive and defensive, against Parma. Yann Karamoh, please note, as a gun-for-hire from the web, took care of the lumps. Goal and an assist for the second one, that is, from end to end (1 or 2). Antonio Conte’s sakkerde to the bank. Losing the ball from Brozovic on two occasions the peak. It more painful. The title track from Candreva, and a “lucky” goal. , it was quickly wiped out.

unlike at Dortmund, germany, Wednesday, in the Champions League final, played in Big Games now are the war. Of the eight baltoetsen for an hour against the Borussen for eight to twelve minutes to score a goal, and praise for his kaatswerk after the break. Lukaku continued to Lautaro, in the shadow of it.

As Esposito verkwanselde this is the last chance. For the onrushing Lukaku was next. The young man then him. The Red Devil shook his head and blew out its cheeks are full. With all his efforts, it was not.

Inter remain second in the standings behind Juve.