Stepan Suprun: the mystery of the death of the first twice Hero of the Soviet Union

History 19/01/20 Stepan Suprun: the mystery of the death of the first twice Hero of the Soviet Union

once the name of this legendary pilot was widely known in our country. Hero of the Soviet Union Stepan Suprun received a second similar title after his death. However, awarding nearly prevented the Nazis declared that Suprun actually surrendered. Then Stalin ordered to find out the place and circumstances of death of the pilot.

the Pilot from Canada

Stepan Pavlovich Suprun was born in 1907 in the village of River Belopolsky district in an ordinary peasant family. According to Ivan Gricenko and Nikolai Golovin in the edition “Feat: documentary essays on the Heroes of the Soviet Union” when Stepan was only 6 years old, his parents moved to work in Canada. Then it was not considered something out of the ordinary. Especially because of the events that took place at home, Suprun spouses to follow continued. After the revolution in Russia, Stepan became a member of the young Communist League in Winnipeg, and in 1925 the family and all have returned home.

4 years Later Stepan Suprun joined the ranks of the red Army, and from that moment on, apparently, finally decided on a profession. In the early 1930-ies he studied in the school of Junior aviation specialists, and then at the school of military pilots. Soon Suprun was appointed test pilot at the air force Institute of the red army. According to Alexey Timofeev, author of “Pokryshkin”, among the employees of the Institute Stepan immediately gained fame not only very tenacious but also very desperate pilot. Suprun managed 140 different aircraft, and often his opinion was decisive in the evaluation of the aircraft.

the First Hero

Stepan Pavlovich literally lived in the sky, so it is not surprising that he was unable to part with it in 1937. Then the pilot was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of the 1st convocation of the Sebastopol district. After that, Suprun tried to excommunicate├╝ from flying, but it didn’t work out. He continued to test the aircraft but also took part in the fighting against the Japanese in China. There, according to Boris Borodin, the author of the book “Soviet Assistance to the Chinese people in the anti-Japanese war, 1937-1941”, despite the fact that the I-16, which flew Suprun, was considered the fluorescent plane, the pilot showed himself a true master of the night’s battle, he personally managed to shoot down 6 Japanese bombers.

In 1940, Stepan Suprun was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Subsequently, he was destined to become the first ever double-Hero. However, the second time Suprun was honored with this award posthumously. Stepan Pavlovich died in the beginning of the great Patriotic war, July 4, 1941, when he commanded the 401-th fighter regiment of special purpose. According to Alexander Osokin in his book “great mystery of the Great Patriotic war”, the next day the Nazi propagandists spread information about what Suprun, allegedly voluntarily surrendered. Therefore, Stalin gave instructions to investigate and establish the truth.

version of the death of

Alexander Osokin says: specialists found out that in early July 1941 the division headquarters came a civilian, who discovered in the woods near the Belarusian village of Krupki personal belongings of Stepan Suprun: badge Deputy of the Supreme Soviet, Star Hero, and weapons and damaged by fire the documents. However, the body of the pilot or even the wreckage of his plane and then was not found. According to the official version, Suprun has died in combat with four-engine bomber FW-200. But Dmitry Degtev, Yuri Borisov and Dmitry Zubov, the authors of the book “”the Donkey” against Messer”, say that such aircraft were not used on the Eastern front, and the MiG-3 Suprun, most likely, was shot down from the ground.

as for the remains of Stepan Suprun and his war machine, it is reported to Ivan Gritsenko and Nikolay Golovin, the authors of the edition “Feat: documentary essays on the Heroes of the Soviet Union”, it was all aboutnaruhina only in the summer of 1960, thanks to local residents, employees tolochinskoe recruiting office, and thanks to the efforts of his brother pilot. In the same year the ashes of Stepan Suprun was transferred to Moscow and buried at Novodevichy cemetery. And in the Museum of the city of Sumy is still possible to see the back of the plane, which flew Suprun.

Yulia Popova

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