Artistic gymnast, Olympic champion Uliana Donskova written statement to the police in the attack on her son. The child had a documented injury of the chest. The reason for this was excessive concern of another parent about his daughter.

About the incident, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. The incident occurred on January 25. It brought 4-year-old son Roma in a swimming lesson in one of the capital’s fitness centers.

Boy special — he’s autistic. Parents care about rum, helping to Orient him in the world. Not all people are sensitive to the characteristics of autism.

indoor pool in addition to Donskovoy and her son was the other parent with your daughter. The girl had beautiful bright toys that attracted the attention of the boy. The child explained that these things are wrong because they can not take. But in the case of 4-year-old Roma such bans don’t work — the toys were very tempting for a boy, besides the girl herself shared them that did not appreciate her father.

the Man ordered the Roma: “get thee hence, and we’ll get this” and then pushed the child in the chest, the result of which he fell and went under water.

the Boy was immediately taken to the hospital. On examination, the physician identified the child’s bruised chest.

at present, the incident the law enforcement agencies are checking.