Neil Young wrote an open-letter requesting Spotify to remove his music. He didn’t want Spotify to share the platform, he said. According to The Wall Street Journal , Young appears to be getting his wish. Spotify has now removed his music.

“I want Spotify to know that I want my music removed from their platform immediately TODAY,” he stated in , the now-deleted letter. reports Rolling Stone. They can have Joe Rogan or Young. They can’t have both.

Young did not mince words in his letter to Warner Records’ manager. He wrote, “I am doing it because Spotify is spreading false information about vaccines — potentially leading to death for those who believe the disinformation being propagated by them.” “Please take action immediately and inform me about the time frame.

Spotify users should have access to all music and audio content from around the globe. A Spotify spokesperson stated that this entails great responsibility to ensure safety and freedom for creators. We regret Neil’s decision not to upload his music to Spotify. However, we hope to have him back soon.

The verge reached out to Spotify and Warner Records but they didn’t respond immediately. Young expressed gratitude to his label for their support. He wrote that Spotify had “become the homeof life-threatening COVID misinformation”.

Spotify struck a landmark deal with Rogan in 2020, making his highly-acclaimed podcast available exclusively on the platform. He has been heavily scrutinized for comments he made regarding COVID-19. For example, his suggestion that young healthy people don’t require the vaccine. Young is not the only one to question Spotify’s alliance with Rogan. A coalition of scientists, medical professionals and doctors recently published an open-letter calling on Spotify to “take steps to stop the mass-misinformation incidents that continue to happen on its platform.”