The water polo players from Spandau 04 want to lay the foundation for winning the title at the start of the final series for the German championship. With a win in the first game in Hanover on Wednesday (6 p.m.), the Berliners could already dethrone the defending champions early with two more successes next weekend in Berlin.

“This makes it clear how important a successful start is. Especially for the head,” said 04 manager Peter Röhle before the first game at the Volksbad Limmer in Hanover.

As the first in the main group, the Berliners have the advantage over the second with one more home game in the series according to the “best-of-five” mode if it should go over the full distance of five matches. A possible game four would be played in Hanover on May 25th with the final game on May 28th in Berlin.

Hannover had won the titles of the last two years, the 37-time record title holder from Spandau was last national title holder in 2019. In the current season Spandau is stronger in the bilateral statistics of duels against each other, but the Lower Saxony are in a better position as cup winners and final 8 participants of the Champions League. For Spandau, the championship is the last title chance of the season.