SpaceX’s most international team of astronauts nevertheless has came in Florida’s Kennedy Space Center

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — SpaceX’s most international team of astronauts nevertheless arrived in their launching website Friday.

It is a reminder of NASA’s core mission of analyzing the home world, the area agency’s acting administrator Steve Jurczyk stated as he welcomed the astronauts into Kennedy Space Center.

“It is definitely getting real,” Kimbrough, the spacecraft commander, stated after coming by airplane from Houston.

This is SpaceX’s next launch of astronauts at under a year, and also the first to utilize a recycled Falcon rocket along with Dragon crew capsule. NASA turned into U.S. private businesses for team transportation following the space shuttle program finished in 2011.

“Surely, I believe all them, before we get many years under our belt, ought to be contemplated evaluation flights,” Kimbrough told reporters.

SpaceX utilizes exactly the identical sort of rocket and comparable capsules for distribution deliveries, and recycles these too.

McArthur is the sole member of this team who has to go to the space station. And starting from Kennedy is fresh to Pesquet after over 11 years as an astronaut.

“We are living in the golden era of human spaceflight,” said Pesquet, a former Air France pilot. “Seems like everyone, every nation, has a job or even a spacecraft.”

The astronauts left the runway at a set of snowy gull-winged Teslas; SpaceX founder Elon Musk also conducts the electric automobile company. They had an early bedtime to sync with everything would be pretty much an all-nighter Thursday.

The four will replace the SpaceX team that started last November. These four will go back to Earth by the end of April. A new three-person Soyuz team, meanwhile, arrived in the space station a week by Kazakhstan, substituting two Russians and one American expected back on Earth this weekend.