The South African police following the death of two persons in the holiday town of Marloth Park, a search began for a gang of robbers. The local media is talking about a “raid”. Initially, there were two Dutch people, but the local paper knows that it is originally from Belgium, Koenraad Collier (53), and a 74-year-old woman from Noord-Holland is. The wife and daughter of the Belgian people could have escaped.

for The 53-year-old man and a 74-year-old woman, were yesterday killed in a house close to Komatipoort in the region of Mpumalanga. According to initial reports, had both of the victims were Dutch nationals. Now it turns out that the killing of 53-year-old hotel manager In Chain in Mozambique has been. This guy is a Belgian national. A spokesman for the Catembe Gallery Hotel in Maputo, which confirms that the Chain is in Marloth Park, has been killed.Also, as a Dutch woman (age 74) was killed in the attack.

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Politiewoordvoerder sergeant Leonard Hlathi said earlier that the two men are about 15 uurhet the house of the people in the Zeekoestraat, along the crocodile river,came to work, to no avail. As for the family, said that at the moment there is no work available, were suddenly more men appear, said Hlathi. “One of them had a gun.”

Patch in the mouth

the Necklace would be, so reports the daily newspaper Die Laevelder, , to the outside, and then the men are captured. He was joined by three other people in the house, tied up, and all of them were pieces of cloth in their mouths to try and fit. “The raiders do have a few of the valuable things taken away, and his hands have gone.” As possible, on the assumption that all the victims were dead, this is the paper.

The owner of the house, and the old woman, I have finally stitched it in with the prop.Two of the other vrouwenwisten to set himself free and struck at about 22: 15 the alarm by pressing the panic button in the home button. Other than previously mentioned, it’s not about the woman, and the mother of the owner but for his wife and daughter.