History 13/02/20 Some “teachers” really were Hitler

Adolf Hitler had many “teachers”. Hitler was a talented pupil: he was weak, mentally pocketed the father of a boy, and became for Germany a symbol of rebirth. Thanks to their “teachers”, he submitted his opinion of the crowd of people who have learned to control the audience and bring it to a state of grace.

jörg Lanz von Liebenfels

Among the people who have influenced the “early” Hitler, was the author of popular brochures “Ostara” Lanz von Liebenfels. Liebenfels told that Hitler had visited him at the office in Rodaun, in 1909. He recalls that Hitler was interested in the racial theories of Lanz, he bought the old numbers to complete the collection of logs, Lanz and even gave him some publications that Hitler was able to drive home for the money saved.
Lanz von Liebenfels invented casinouk, which he called theozoology. He believed evidence of links between humans and animals ancient images – the knight on the back of the beast, the animals in the bas-reliefs of Assyria. In the early 20th century, these pseudoscientific knowledge was the evidence base for anti-Semites who opposed the marriage of the Semites and the Aryans. Lanz wrote that removed the demigods, who will rule the world. He also wrote that the new religion requires polygamy, but imposes a ban on mixed marriages. By understanding Lanza, the Jews had to be shipped to Madagascar. Statements of Lanz von Liebenfels later found application in politics of the Third Reich. It is noteworthy that the origin of Liebenfels was a Jew.

Edmund foster

Thanks to this man, the future tyrant and the dictator believed in the exclusivity, and the fact that he has superhuman powers. During the First world war Hitler was gassed, and was admitted to the hospital, being in a difficult mental state. Hitler “convinced” yourself that has lost the vision, and indeed, his vision decreased, although several doctors talked about the fact that Hitler was perfectly healthy. Edmund foster decided to apply the method of hypnosis, and made him believe that Hitler was omnipotent, and could regain eyesight if you want. The future dictator to “restore” the vision and got sick with another disease syndrome exclusiveness and elitism.
In 1933, Edmund foster decided to publish his method of “treatment” of Hitler, but he was quickly liquidated by the Gestapo officers.

Herman Steinsnyder

Herman Steinsnyder is the real name of Erik Jan Hanussen’s. It was called “the Berlin magician”, “the fortuneteller.” He taught Hitler the lessons of drama and oratory, taught him to subdue the people’s opinion and to control the crowd. It is noteworthy that Steinsnyder was a Jew by birth, and all the while he concealed his origin, including using the alias of “Erik Jan Hanussen”. With 1930, Steinsnyder actively supported members of the national-socialist party of Germany, and even gave a “prediction” about the fire in the Reichstag – although in fact the prediction was based on the SA information. But these actions did not save Steinsnyder from death. In 1933, his dead body was found near Berlin in the forest. According to the documents, Steinsnyder killed members of the SA.

Dietrich Eckart

Dietrich Eckart – a wealthy German politician, playwright, journalist. In the period from 1920 to 1923, Eckart worked on the image of Hitler in society, acquainted with the right people, establish a rapport. Eckart introduced the future Fuhrer with many people who helped Hitler come to power. Eckart considered himself the mentor of Hitler. In 1923 he wrote a letter to his “colleagues” secret society “Thule”, “Follow Hitler! He’s a great dancer, but it was I who taught him how to hear music. I supplied him with the means of communication. Do not mourn for me: I have influenced history more than any other German.”
Eckart taught Hitler’s ability to convince the crowds of their opinions, using not only words, but also facial expressions, gestures. The journalist had taught Hitler to bring the crowd into a frenzy, manipulatory technique of “insertion” in the crowd “prepared” people.

Karl Haushofer

for the First time with Carl Haushoffer Hitler was found in Lansberg prison where he was serving a sentence for the beer hall putsch. Later, geopolitics has become a “shadow” of Hitler, his political Muse. Haushoffer inspired Hitler to write “Mein Kampf”, and “gave” the idea of creating a superior Aryan.

Karl Kraft

the Personal of Hitler’s astrologer Karl Kraft was part of a group close to the Fuhrer entities. Hitler from childhood was fascinated with mythology and the occult, and in adulthood it is expressed surrounded himself with magicians, astrologers, finding sacred sites and organizations the creation of the “Ahnenerbe”. Kraft has saved the life of the leader, predicting the date and place of the attempt on the life of Hitler.

Heinrich Himmler

After the “night of the long knives” in 1934 Heinrich Himmler becomes one of your favorite people in the entourage of Hitler. He was listed as the police President of Munich, and held daily campaign to apprehend future criminals – those who wanted to kill Hitler. This work could not pass by the Fuhrer, and he appointed Himmler head of the SS security of his person. So Himmler entered the circle of “elite”, and gave Hitler a big impact.

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