Some of the disadvantages of the soldiers scolded

Weapons 01/02/20 For any shortcomings the soldiers scolded “Katyusha”

“Katya” is an informal popular name military vehicles rocket artillery BM-13, as well as other later models. One of the most popular versions the name was given in honor of the song of Matvey Blanter and Mikhail Isakovsky. The explanation is: the unit of captain Flerov, who had the honor first to experience the installation, fired on enemy positions in the town of Orsha (Smolensk oblast) with steep banks, and the commander was reminded of the line “appeared on the shore Katyusha, on the high Bank, steep”. Then, reporting about the operation on the phone Flerov, satisfied with the setting, gave it a name.

the Development of this type of weapons was completed by the beginning of the great Patriotic War, allowing Soviet troops to use it in the summer of 1941. On the front of “Katyusha” became a real terror for the German troops, the destruction was caused by demoralization of personnel. The soldiers of the Reich called it “Stalin’s Organ”.

Battery “Katyusha” was successfully used for the destruction of clusters of equipment and manpower of the enemy. The missiles could hit a target at a distance of 8 km. At the same time, the setting was a disadvantage for artillery — indirect fire area. Under fire sometimes fell and suffered losses and their units. Another disadvantage of these rocket launchers was a feature of the trajectory of the shooting.

“a Serious lack of fighting machines M-8 is a large dead space, not allowing to fire at a distance closer than three kilometers. Especially this deficiency was revealed during the period of retreat of our troops when the threat of capture of this latest secret technology the Katyusha crews were forced to blow up their rocket launchers,” wrote military member GKO Georgy Malenkov.

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