Some heroes of the Soviet Union were selected and awards

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Some of them were Heroes officially owners of a medal “gold Star” Hero of the Soviet Union and the accompanying of the highest order of the USSR – order of Lenin. Each was deservedly awarded for military exploits. And after the Victory they had already made other “exploits” ended “debunking”.

Other heroes of the great Patriotic war, which ought to tell you just undeservedly forgotten.

the Heroic… criminals

In the book of Vladimir Konev “Damned and forgotten. Rejected heroes of the Soviet Union” lists the names and the biographies of Heroes of the Soviet Union, which after the war became criminals and were deprived of rank and military awards.

For example, Colonel-infantry Efim Lev was convicted for sexual intercourse with a minor, spent. Veterans infantry division, where he fought a lion, petitioned to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the return of the colleague awards and titles (except for “Gold Star” – 3 orders of the red banner, order of Kutuzov and the Patriotic war, two particularly valued in the war, medals “For military merit”, which “just so” then were not given). Applying for refused.

Denied and in other cases (Heroes of the Soviet Union after the great Patriotic war brought to criminal liability for committing actual crimes, according to historians, about a dozen) – the appellate court did not find grounds for satisfaction of such requests. Served their sentences lived, deprived of all honors and titles.

part of the former Heroes violated the law even during war. Pilot Semyon Bychkov in 1943, he personally shot down 15 Nazi planes, and at the end of that year, knocked him. Calves were captured and cooperated with ROA (executed after the war). Peter Snake (also a military pilot) in 1962 killed the security chief Nikita Khrushchev and his wife (a year shot and posthumously stripped of his rank and awards).

… and unfairly repressed

more than a dozen knights “Gold Star” during and after world war II was unlawfully prosecuted on trumped up charges. According to the materials of Soviet military commander Ivan Shkadov, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, commander of the Soviet air force from 1942 to 1946 Marshal of aviation Alexander Novikov after the war, 6 years spent on so-called “aviation case” (one of the last significant episodes of Stalin’s repressions; as a result, the prison was a commanders of the Soviet air force).

Among the repressed and subsequently rehabilitated Heroes of the Soviet Union was Alexander Krivets, three times knight of the order “badge of Honor”, the bootlegger, whose name after the war was slandered in the article “Literary newspaper”. According to the documents of the Central state archives of Supreme bodies of power and administration of Ukraine, the “Gold Star” Krivec presented for successful leadership of a guerrilla detachment imeni Shchorsa operating in the rear of the Nazis. “Literary” twice, in 1979 and 1989, was placed defamatory articles about the Comparison. The court ordered the newspaper to publish a refutation, which was done in 1991. It was the only time in the history of Russian print media when the Central newspaper apologized for publishing of the USSR.

For six months before the death of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the veteran was reduced in rank, he returned all the awards. In January 1992, Alexander Krivets was buried with military honors at the cemetery in Kiev.

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