Solomon Armor: what was the Gulag the father of the famous artist

Biography 30/12/19 Solomon Armor: what was the Gulag the father of the famous artist

the Gestapo Chief Mueller in a magnificent performance Leonid Armour know in our country. But not everyone knows that the actor, embodied on the screen one of the main leaders of the Third Reich, was the son of a Jew who served in the KGB and make this structure a good career. Which, however, did not save him from persecution.

How Armor was Armor

he Lived in Odessa, in Moldavanka pastry chef Joseph Factorovich (accent on the second “o”). He had three sons: Abram, Alexander, and Solomon. During the famous Jewish pogroms of 1905 confectionery Joseph ruined, it is not surprising that all three brothers became active revolutionaries and fighters for happiness of all peoples.

In 1918, during street fights staged by Abram managed to knock out a grenade the armored car in which cadets were holding the approaches to the station building. Station took, but Abraham died. The soldiers of the “red squads” respectfully called “hero’s armor”. Soon the nickname passed and Alexander Solomon, of which the Moldavian became known as “brothers in armor”. The nickname the boys liked, and they decided to make it his name.

Solomon Armored expelled from the party

staged by Solomon-Armour was born in 1905, and in 1917, when he was 12 years old, began working for the Soviet government: it was made “officer on special assignments” with the Chairman of the Odessa revolutionary Committee and then of the Executive Committee. Simply put, he was an errand boy, and two years regularly ran on the orders of the authorities on the streets of Odessa. In 1919 Solomon became a member of the Komsomol. Then he was sent to serve in the frontier. So Solomon became a security officer. In 1925 he joined the Communist party. The country needed educated people, and young Communist has filed a statement of acceptance of the Kiev technical school, where he received a degree of economist. After the technical school he was sent to work in the Institute of national economy of the Ukrainian SSR.

In these years, Solomon Armor met Bella Landau, whom he married. Soon a son was born – the future famous artist.

Everything was fine until 1927, when Trotsky after the demonstration conducted by the “revolutionary left opposition” and the failure of inner-party discussion at the XV Congress of the CPSU(b), became an enemy of the Soviet government. Began mass purges and “fight against Trotskyism”. Solomon was expelled from the party and dismissed from the Institute because in 1923 the Komsomol meeting once defended the ideas of Trotsky, which then raved about all the revolutionary youth. However, this first opal didn’t last long. A year later Solomon entered the service of the Kyiv district economic Department operational sector of the GPU, helped elder brother Alexander, who was the head of the 2nd economic Department of the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR. In 1931, Solomon I. re-joined the party.

“the Camp route” Solomon Armored

Until 1936, the security officer Armour diligently served there and sent his country and honestly performed their duties. He was sent to Ivanovo, to the post of head of Department of Economic management of the OGPU Plenipotentiary representation. For services to the revolution was awarded the order “red star”. The activities of the Armor was the fact that he searched for gold and currency stored in the hands of the population, and a variety of methods – from persuasion and persuasion to “withdrawal” — sought to transfer the values to the state Treasury. Very controversial by the standards of our time, however, Solomon Armor, following instructions of the party leadership, never messed myself theft. Through his hands passed the “ton of gold” as told in the family Armor, he achieved seizure of currency and other valuables to the amount of 6 million rubles. Nothing was appropriated.

In 1936, major security Solomon Iosifovich Bronevoy was expelled from the party and arrested as a “Trotskyite Prozorovskaya-DVoreshnik”. Were brewing in the country “the great terror” and Solomon once again remembered the old Komsomol meeting. He was sentenced to five years in the camps. Time served in the Kolyma – on the Goldfields, in the Ussuri region – the construction of roads. He worked faithfully and well, was a foreman, assistant foreman. Even earned himself an early release. Until 1946, was in exile, and then went to Uzbekistan. To go home there was no point: the wife, for the welfare of their child, divorced her husband and even changed the son’s middle name is Leonid became a mayor.

However, the quiet life did not last long. In 1949, Solomon was arrested again and sent to live in Krasnoyarsk Krai, where he remained until 1954.

Subsequently, Solomon Iosifovich was restored in the party, brought him reward. He lived in Rostov-on-don, worked on the construction site. Died in 1970.

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