The corporal did not show up for vaccination and thus refused an order. In order to deceive his superiors, he relied on forgeries. Around four months later, Enrico M. had to appear before the Tiergarten District Court. In the meantime, however, no longer in the uniform of the Bundeswehr. “I’ve been unemployed since yesterday,” said the 26-year-old in tears. Dismissed for the events leading up to the trial.

Soldiers are required to be vaccinated against a variety of diseases. These include measles, hepatitis, rubella, mumps. The Ministry of Defense included the corona vaccination in November 2021 in the list that is mandatory for soldiers. On December 9, 2021, M., then a soldier in a company of a guard battalion, was asked to be vaccinated against Corona.

He didn’t show up. On January 18, the order was given to him again. Again he was missing. A few days later he presented a vaccination card: two Biontech-Piks, allegedly picked up at a vaccination center.

The ex-corporal spoke in the process on Wednesday of “mental pressure, fear and desperation”. He had heard from friends about the bad consequences of vaccination. “No one could guarantee me that I would be fine afterwards,” he explained.

In a next variant, M. said he had met with Johnson

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The judge heard it shaking her head: “Are you fooling yourself or are you fooling us?” She reproached him: “You never intended to be vaccinated because you had irrational fears of side effects.”

She was sentenced to eight months’ probation for disobedience and the use of incorrect health certificates. The judge found that a “high degree of desperation, but also a high degree of criminal energy” led to the crime. “As a soldier you have to obey.”