History 16/01/20 Snipers “White stockings” against the Russian army: who were women killers

the detachment of the Baltic athletes-athletes who began to earn a living in the nineties, killing Russian soldiers in hot spots of the CIS, it became known during the First and Second Chechen wars. They were described as blond beast, mercenaries who are cruel to enemies, hate Russian and free “from work” wearing a slinky white leotards, which they got its nickname.

Russian strategists believed the appearance of hearing about the “White stockings” clever propaganda ploy by bleeding peoples of the Soviet sends more people to the memories of the atrocities of the Nazis.

But whether they existed in reality? Still on military forums, there are stories that begin with: “I knew the commander, who captured the sniper” and tells of the massacre of the mercenary. And in exciting stories have the Armored vehicles, the helicopter, but no one ever says, “I saw”, “I was present”. Although, of course, to do this, and do not, as in Chechnya, held a counter-terrorism operation and are recognized in the massacre risking a criminal case. By the way, many of the stories forum visitors quickly debunked, noticing discrepancies and inconsistencies in the presentation.

According to rumors, snipers appeared first in Nagorno Karabakh in 1992, and that’s where they not only saw, but supposedly were taken prisoner, however, no official confirmation of this. Historian Vladimir Pryakhin, a native of Karabakh, told reporters that a sniper actually killed, but she was Russian, from Rostov, and “removed” “warrior” by her student.

After Karabakh “White tights” will appear in Ossetia, and then in Transnistria, Abkhazia, Chechnya and even Yugoslavia. Researchers question referring to the newspaper “the Pskov news”, KotorOh in 1995 published an interview of the military who saw himself as caught the sniper of the squad. However, this newspaper is now in Pskov there, and therefore can’t check the information.

Yeah, female snipers actually participated in the military conflicts of the CIS as mercenaries. This is evidenced by the criminal case brought against caught in Chechnya mercenary Lena (Lolita). However she was born not in the Baltics and Poltava. Being in a squad of terrorist Basayev, took part in the attack militants in the Kizlyar and Pervomayskoye. The journalist of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Elizabeth Mayna, specially came to visit convicted in the colony of conversation. But Lena to talk to her on the last combat refused, but open up as we’re going to trade clothes, purchasing them in Russia.

Elizabeth Mayna leads, information confirmed by intelligence personnel, that the pockets of the militants killed in Chechnya it found a record containing the payroll accounting snipers. For example, such: “Fatima – 170 Tr, Oksana – 150 Tr, Lena – two scouts – 30 Tr”. But here it is not clear if this information refers to 1994, the numbers are too small, and if the period after the denomination is too large.

head of the center of public relations of FSB of the Russian Federation Alexander Mikhailov admitted to journalists that the operational data of the “White tights” there were many, however, he denied the existence of the detachment, because the snipers – good piece, besides the detained women to relate to anyone detachment is impossible if they are without weapons and in civilian clothes. Colonel-General Gennady Troshev in his book “the Chechen diary of a trench General” noted that the militants were mostly Arabs, immigrants from the Central Asian republics, but there were even blacks were “snipers from the Baltic States”.

In 2006, the Agency “” reported that the terrorist from Beslan Kazbek Misikov testified, in particular, and that among the bandits in the Beslan school was the blonde woman-the sniper and the man with the Baltic AKcent, and at some point a woman wearing a medical gown, fled in an unknown direction. This information was confirmed to journalists of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, Stanislav Kesaev, Deputy speaker of Parliament Alanya (WG, 2005, No. 12).

Led the Management group of the special operations of the FSK Sergei Shavrin told RG about the mercenary from St. Petersburg (WP of 16 December 2005). But Sergei Yastrzhembsky 17 February 2000, shared with media representatives with information about what intelligence has evidence that terrorists are fighting the assassins. In 2000, the “Interfax” in 2000, wrote about the prisoners who surrendered sniper Fatima, and the “RBC daily” March 31, 2001 – about the female sniper from Tajikistan, which was operating in Grozny and one day, taking a fighting position, was aired with the Council of the Russian military to keep the genitals: mercenary was killed while trying to escape.

As you can see, none of the Baltic mercenary in sight law enforcement bodies of Russia never got. But the chance to catch warlike Amazons is still there. It is known that: in the Donbass APU serve as snipers from the Ukrainian “Right sector”*, and, for example, under the Saur-Grave in July 2014, was killed by a mercenary from Poland (portal “Vasiliev grad”), under Ilovaiskaya – mercenary from Belarus – a kind of Natasha.

on April 9, 2017, the representative of the people’s militia of the Luhansk national Republic Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko informed the press that the conflict in the region deployed mercenary from Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Colonel Eduard Basurin (DPR) said that “marked the arrival in the area of Mayorsk several sniper teams… armed with rifles foreign production.”

*Right sector (prohibited organization on the territory of the Russian Federation)

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