Best pokies app are often considered to be the easiest of all the casino games. To play them, you don’t need any strategy or skill, and even beginners can win huge prizes. If you’re new to slot games you might, however, have some questions about how slot machines actually work. Below you can find examples of Frequently Asked Questions with answers.

Are slot machines random?

In order to answer that question, it is important to first look at how the result of each spin is generated.

  • All slot machines use a microchip called the Random Number Generator.
  • The RNG constantly creates random numbers that correspond to symbols displayed on the reels.
  • The outcome of each spin is determined by a random combination of numbers that RNG produces in the moment when you spin the reels.

That means that the outcome of the game is always completely random. There is no way to predict or manipulate it.

How Much does it cost to play slot games?

Many people think that gambling requires a lot of money. That could not be more wrong. Slot games are a perfect choice for those who play on a budget. How much money you need to play slots depends on the game as slot machines accept a wide range of wagers. You can find slots that allow you to pay as little as £0.10 per spin.

Nevertheless, the general rule is that the more you bet on a single spin, the higher your chances of winning. In some slot games you will only get a chance to win a jackpot or unlock bonus rounds if you bet the maximum.

How to win at slots?

Even though winning at slots comes down to chance and there is no strategy that can guarantee you a win, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting a payout.

  1. Set a budget – before you start placing any bets decide on how much you are willing to spend that evening. When you reach this sum, start playing no matter how much you’ve won or lost. Even if you’ve been getting lucky and got a few wins, if you keep playing you might easily lose all your winnings and end up spending more than you initially wanted to.
  2. Try free demos – online you can find many free versions of popular slot games. It’s always a good idea to play them before you bet real money. Using demos allows you to see what the game is like and what features it offers, thus letting you avoid spending money on something you don’t enjoy.
  3. Pick slots with high RTP value – each slot machine has a different Return to Player value. RTP determines how much the game will pay back over a large number of spins. Even though there is no way of knowing what will happen it a single game, choosing slots with RTP of at least 96% can make it more likely for you to get a payout.