Sint-Truiden At Tenneco, a manufacturer of shock absorbers for the automotive industry, it has the morning shift this morning and spontaneous, the work is laid out. The workers fear that the redundancies will be in the Truiense establishment of an international restructuring.

The trouble with Tenneco to drag for quite a while now. In may and provided information to the board of directors of the subsidiary in Sint-Truiden, belgium, the trade unions at an extraordinary works ‘ council on the plans to the engineering department. There would be worldwide and as many as 70 people, many of which, of fifty, in Europe, for instance in Sint-Truiden, belgium. The trade unions are now worried about the future of the Truiense establishment, which is struggling with falling sales volumes. As is known in the automotive industry around the world is a valley. Just last week, Punch Powertrain, a producer of gearboxes, a couple of hundred meters further on, in Sint-Truiden, belgium – announced that they are to go and take leave of the 32 workers, and 88 in the other. It is a total loss, it comes with the Punch, Power-down, and 308 users.

Stew them in their own nat,<, p class="article__text"> Sint-Truiden, belgium, living in fear, isnít it,” says the provincial chairman of the ABVV Metal, Limburg, Rohnny Champagne, france. “That trouble at the Punch, literally, now. We have had a meeting with the management has been of which once again proved that there is coming to an end. If there is an excess of 10% by 2020, and wants the board to solve this problem with temporary unemployment. The new line is to come to Sint-Truiden, belgium, but from france. There are no more employees with temporary contracts, there are no freelancers and more. Then you will know what to do next. I also know, however, that fewer cars are needed. The sector is globally in a state of disrepair. Fewer cars mean fewer vehicle. But it is our workers that will only be used to pay for this, oh no, that is not an option. Today, the work put, it is a first step. And it is still in its early stages. Please let the board get on to the factory floor are going to be up to the people to be put in the position of the trade unions to exploit. Let them now what’s stewing in your own get. Usually, it will, however, learn 25 years of experience, to me, says the trade union leader, that the closure at Ford Genk, has been there.

Tenneco, promises, within 15 days of its workers ‘ communications.