Siberian found in the forest a very strange mushroom the size of a basketball (it's edible!)

the Siberian man found in the woods of the Novosibirsk region giant fungus the size of a basketball.

— Here is a mushroom found in the village of Svetlaya Polyana Bolotninskiy district — sent to the editor photo reader.

it Turns out that this mushroom is edible and can easily meet the pickers in our region and make it bigger.

— This fungus — some of the Calvatia genus, most likely, Golovach giant (Calvatia gigantea). Also called langermannia giant. There are several species, but it’s definitely someone from the holovachi. It is a close relative of raincoats, growing in the grass, and is found in the Novosibirsk region, but the holovachi more on Altai, — told the correspondent NGS mycologist Amateur Tatiana Bulyonkova.