The 16-year-old Zaid Garcia, of Texas, was a toddler, brandletsel and at the same time, his blankets catch fire due to a lit candle.His eyes were so severely burned, that the surgeons, they have their own skin over it to repair it. A complex operation will need to make sure that the boy is once again able to see. In order to have the costly surgery to be able to pay, he has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign has been launched, which already had up to 300,000 Us dollars, it is picked up.

when you are crowdfundpagina writing the teen: “When I was two years old, I got eighty per cent were burned. After hundreds and hundreds of expensive surgeries, including the amputation of both of my hands, like, five of my toes, I hope to prove that miracles do exist.” The teen was walking to his burns by the time he was living in Mexico. He was taken to a Us hospital in San Antonio, Texas, usa). The doctors had thought that the Tower wouldn’t be able to walk or talk, but the teenager, now runs and teaches us to be careful with how to talk to.

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The next step is the restoration of his sight, by means of a complex and particularly expensive operation. “It would be very nice to have when I’m with my family again, you can see that,” he writes on his page. “But what I’m most looking forward to is to see the beauty of my best friend, Julia, to see.”

did Garcia, who has committed suicide because he was so sad, it was the reactions of the people around him. But thanks to therapy and the support of his mother and going to be the getting better and better with the young ones.

(please Note: images may be shocking to be experienced.