Sergei Korolev: why the secret scientist of the USSR believed in omens

Biography 27/01/20 Sergei Korolev: why the secret scientist of the USSR believed in omens

it is No exaggeration to say that Yuri Gagarin’s name is well known not only in our country but also far beyond its borders. But the first cosmonaut, and indeed of the Soviet space program could not be, if not “the secret scientist of the USSR” — Sergei Korolev. The son of a school teacher from Zhitomir was a man of brilliant and challenging: he hated gold jewelry, not a rocket launched on Monday and was going to personally fly into space.

the Dream of the sky

According to the memoirs of Sergei Pavlovich, a dream of flying he was “sick” in early childhood. Position in the family was heavy and the life of the mother and father did not develop. Marriage was unraveling and little Sergei was sent to Nezhin to the grandparents on the maternal side. Living in Kiev, my father was trying to get my son through court, but was refused. He threatened to come and take Jacob with him, so the boy was allowed out of the house rarely and only under the supervision of senior.

It was here in the beautiful ancient city of the future designer first saw his namesake Utochkina — the pioneer of Russian aviation. The flight was memorable for the boy for life and settled in his soul an ineradicable longing and the dream of the sky. It was after school, when the king, dreaming of admission to the Kyiv Polytechnic, worked as a roofer, he often said, “I’m a Builder… but only aircraft”.

From the Deputy Director to the enemy of the people

it tells Anton Pervushin in the book “the Empire of Sergei Korolev,” the rise of the young engineer was rapid. After graduation, he earned a reputation as a talented young aircraft designer, and his work in the field of missile technology allowed him to occupy a high position in the created in 1933, the Jet propulsion research Institute (RNII). Under the leadership of the Queen was created by the anti-aircraft and ballistic missiles with liquid and solid-fuel engines.

But in 1938, after the arrest of Ivan kleimenova, head of the RNII “under the hand” got his subordinates. Including Deputy — Queens. Article 58 was frankly a hit — counter-revolutionary activities. So 10 years in labor camps followed by a five year disqualification can be called real luck. The status of enemy of the people Korolev was sent to Kolyma.

Kolyma gold and broken jaw

For the talented young designer worked many — from his mother to Valentina Grizodubova. A retrial was achieved on the basis that the confession of the Queen was literally “broken” by the investigators. As told Sergei RAS — anesthesiologist involved in the fatal procedure, Korolev died — he could not to open your mouth wide, that clearly tells about the fracture of both jaws, obtained, apparently, just in the process of questioning.

In 1940, the original conviction was overturned and a retrial has appointed new — 8 years in Moscow the special prison of the NKVD CDB-29. True to this, the Queen had to work in the Kolyma gold mine Maldyak. Experienced, the difficult conditions in which is extracted the “yellow metal”, a scientist until the very end of his life treated him with disdain and even open hatred.

Happy late

On the reconsideration of the case in Moscow, Korolev had to go on the infamous ship “Indigirka”. But in the way of Mallaca in Magadan Sergei Pavlovich became seriously ill and was in the infirmary. So at that ill-fated flight he was late. That is what kept him alive.

According to the recollections of colleagues scientist Leonid Kerber — after Korolev began to believe in superstitions, despite his skepticism and practical mind. In the pocket of his jacket he carried two coins in happiness, in preparation for the test is not allowed on the launch pad for women, and runs under any pretext tried to assign on Monday.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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