Sergei Bazarevich: the account is not on the game, but we deserved to lose

the basketball Coach of Russian national team Sergey Bazarevich after losing the match of our team against Italy (64:83) in the qualifying tournament of Eurobasket 2021, noted that he and his coaching staff will try to take a lesson from this defeat.

“unfortunately, we in this game showed his bad face — quoted coach official website of the basketball Federation. – You need to extract something positive from this game to step up and play far better at home than it is today. Italy was in flames, and we knew that this could wait.”

According to Bazarevich, the opponents scored many three-pointers: “Some of them with resistance, some are not. We have the ball flew worse, but when not pregnant, I need to play better defense! We tried, tried, but in the end greased a few easy shots, missed free – kicks and upset. In the end the difference was huge, for her shame. However, we must respond to this defeat, and we will do that.”

“We got “-19”, but, of course, the difference was not so in the game. Just at the end upset too much, and we “finished off”. Maybe if he scored some free kicks, it would allow us to survive,” Bazarevich said.

“the coaches warned the players that the opponents play in a very competitive League, many of them get decent minutes, for them there is no pressure in terms of the result. But you do not want to analyze them, it is necessary to analyze their team, but we have not opposed it enough. One thing led to another and in the end, “-19”, — concluded the coach of the team Russia.