Separatism in the United States: residents of which state you want to live separately from America

History 28/01/20 separatism in the USA: residents of which state you want to live separately from America

In the United States today consists of 50 States. The American government is skillfully create the impression that they are all one big family living in idyll and harmony. But at least half of the territories are eager to gain independence from Washington.

Log in difficult…

History of the United States of America began with the 13 former British colonies which in 1776 was signed the Declaration of independence. Since then, the new state constantly grows lands, which, although received greater autonomy in internal Affairs was still limited to Federal authority.

For half a century in the United States includes three dozen new States. However, the accession process in General is not so simple. For this area it is necessary to adopt its own Constitution, which must approve the us Congress. It is for legislators enshrined the right to make a final decision on entering the land in the state, due to which the entire procedure can be very lengthy.

So, the last “Americans” were Alaska and Hawaii. They got statehood only in 1959, albeit unsuccessfully sought this since the beginning of the XX century. World war II only convince congressmen of the need to connect the Northern part of the continent and the Islands in the Pacific ocean, on one of which is the largest naval base of the US Navy – pearl Harbor. And still the accomplishment of the event had to wait a very long time, it happened almost 14 years after the surrender of Germany and Japan. Everything else the members of Congress from the Republican party, fearing that the new site will support on elections of the Democrats, strongly delayed the process.


However, if you enter the United States is difficult, but possible, to secede from the Union is almost impossible.

in the forefront In the struggle for independence was Texas. In 1869, the U.S. Supreme court considered the case “Texas V. white”, which formally addressed the issue of the legality of the sale of U.S. government bonds by the state during the Civil war (in fact, started on the background of the secession of several regions), but in fact was a decisive moment in the struggle of the territories for secession.

the Verdict has been very unpleasant for the separatists: the Supreme court ruled that Texas, in ratifying the Constitution, not just joined the Union, and joined with him in “unbreakable relationship” and, therefore, may not secede from States themselves.

“Act, which made the admission of Texas into the Union, was more than an agreement — it was the inclusion of a new member into the political body. And it was final. The Union between Texas and the other States was as complete, the same constant and the same indissoluble as the Union between the States. A revision or abolition of these relations is impossible except through revolution or through consent of the States”, – was stated in the court’s decision.

That there is a peaceful “divorce” States and individual territories is possible only in case of consent of other States, which, of course, do think about the exit. That is why the separation of a particular region – it’s something from the category of fiction.

Lone star continues to burn

However, even after a century and a half Texans still challenge the verdict of the Supreme court and looking for loopholes that will allow you to achieve ujedinenija. Proponents of the outlet frequently cite the Declaration of independence, which States that it may be a situation when “one of the people must dissolve the political bonds connecting it with other people” to ensure the “safety and happiness”.

For Texas, second largest state of America which is one of the centers of American agriculture, livestock, education, oil and gas and chemical industries, financial institutions and also not fully freed from racial prejudices, the question of “happiness” is particularly. Local politicians believe a Federal policy to harass local residents, subsidizing the expense of other areas, which infringes their rights and freedom.

However, sociologists have long found that not only in Texas is a strong separatist sentiment. It turned out that nearly a quarter of Americans, 23.9% strongly support or tend to support the idea of the collapse of the United States. These are the results of a survey conducted by Reuters/Ipsos in 2014. In the same year, by the way, representatives of as many as 29 of the 50 States posted on the White house website petition about the right to secession.

interestingly, at first most of the complaints came mainly from Republican States. But then joined the territories inhabited as African Americans, and mostly white, as the subjects where there are the conservatives, and those where people of different liberal traditions. However, then no result except “flash”, the advent of the petitions is not given. But the message was, and for the Federal authorities it is certain to call: if no action is taken, then a “happy family” States do not have to talk.

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