Sent to the temple: from the bottom of Obi has raised a tombstone state Councilor

Today, 30 July, the initiative group has raised the tombstone state Councilor Nikolai Larionov from the bottom of the Obi in Berdsk.

— Now is a boat, the monument carries on the water, then it will be transferred to the pier, said at 5 PM the correspondent NGS activist, film Director Tatiana Sviridov. — On the monument is planned to be delivered in the territory of the Transfiguration Church in Berdsk, but also possibly further restoration will be. Because of the lost cross that was formerly on this rock.

Recall that in April, after the water discharge of the Ob sea bared old settlement of Berdsk in addition to household items, was found a tombstone state Councilor Nikolai Larionov. Then was created the initiative group of father Vladimir Biryukov, Victor Vasiliev and other active Berdan.