Alveringem, In the Street, in Hoogstade, in the borough of Alveringem, it has room for a heavy, fire-scorched, in a carport at a home. The resident is released to his family in safety, and was his van, just to move, but he did it burns in. Three homes were damaged. It is remarkable that a short-circuit in a fire detection system is likely to be the cause is.

The owner, a self employed carpenter, and was at around 0.30 a.m. wake-up call, and saw a sea of flames through the window. The man ran to the outside, along with his wife and seven-year old daughter, and called the emergency services. In the carport of the house was a large wood supply and standing quite a lot of equipment, a truck, a trailer, and a car of the brand Audi. The contractor went to his truck and could not fight it. This he did, however, burn in the legs. The man was taken to the hospital, but was now abandoned.

the Three houses, damaged

The fire brigade of Ypres and of Lo-Reninge was on the spot to fight the fire. The cars became, eventually, destroyed, and even the metal bars are starting to melt because of the heat. Also, the house and the contractor ran up a lot of damage as windows were blown in and the smoke had gotten into it in the bathroom and a hobby room. The facade is showing cracks in several places. The house of the carpenter, it is still livable, but the family spent the night with the family.In the studio, the man remained free. The two neighbouring houses, including that of the parents of the man, touched, or damaged. The windows have been smashed and the blinds were gone.
Cause: in the fire detection system

There is no branddeskundige of the public prosecutor’s office are appointed, as there is no malicious intent was involved. On the camera, it is the opportunity to see how a fire detection system in the front is starting to smoke, and then it was gone. Maybe there’s a short circuit occur. The molten plastic, a wood supply, and ended up, after a while, smouldering in the inferno. In the meantime, verzekeringsexperts given to the damage estimate.