London police have completed investigations into illegal lockdown parties at Downing Street and other government buildings. The Metropolitan Police announced on Thursday that a total of 126 penalties had been imposed for violations of the Corona rules.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not received any further penalty orders, a government spokesman said on Thursday. Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak were previously fined for attending a birthday celebration for the PM.

Violations were found at eight meetings in 2020 and 2021, according to Scotland Yard. Because of their participation, 48 women received a total of 73 penal orders and 35 men received a total of 53 notices. 28 people were prosecuted two to five times.

For Johnson, however, the affair is not over yet. The prime minister is also currently facing an investigation by a parliamentary committee over alleged lies in parliament in connection with the illegal lockdown party scandal.

It is now also eagerly awaited when the full internal investigation report by top official Sue Gray into the incidents will be published. After the police process began, Gray initially only made a heavily abridged version public.

There was already talk of serious misconduct and leadership failure. The “Partygate” affair had put Prime Minister Johnson under heavy pressure, and his Conservative Party was also calling for his resignation