Scientists called the timing of the completion of testing vaccines against coronavirus

Federal scientific center for research and development of immunological products to them. M. P. Chumakov, Russian Academy of Sciences plans to complete preclinical trials of its own vaccine against coronavirus by early August of this year. About this TASS General Director of the center Chumakov, corresponding member of RAS Aydar Ishmukhametov.

Our center is working to create televizionnoi inactivated vaccine against coronavirus. From our point of view, so the vaccine is correct, first, because there is no evidence as which parts of the virus to use correctly, and secondly, the technology for creating vaccines consist of whole have long been developed and successfully used for several decades. Planned for early August to complete preclinical trials of its own vaccine, and in January 2021 after successful completion of clinical trials we can talk about large-scale production of vaccines, for which we have its production, — said Ishmukhametov.