Football is a game that many love. As a result, the NFL is watched by many and many wish to be NFL stars one day.

However, as amazing as the sport is, it can be pretty dangerous too. Below we look at some of the scariest NFL injuries of all time.

Worst NFL Injuries

Rashad Johnson

Rashad Johnson in 2013 was an Arizona Cardinals defensive player. And in all the history of NBA we have never seen or heard of such a weird injury as his.

After Johnson walked to the sidelines after a punt return, he took off his glove. Which is normal, the weird part is that he realized that the top of his middle finger as cut off. How this happened during gameplay we will never know.

Joe Theismann

This is one of the most famous NFL injuries. Back in 1985 on Monday Night Football, Joe Theismann took a tackle that unfortunately ended his career. This was during a game between the Washington Redskins vs the New York Giants.

Thiesmann ended up with a broken leg and the bone stuck out on TV. This was the final game in his 11 year career. It’s a good thing that online casino like gambling360 has outlined that online casino gaming isn’t this scary and we get to enjoy in the comfort of our homes.

Johnny Knox

In 2011 season, the Chicago Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox missed a pass from a quarterback. In an attempt to get the ball back, Knox was hit in the back by a Seattle Seahawks defender.

This tackle resulted in Knox having a fractured vertebra. While recovered and could walk again, it was the end of playing career. There’s also a casinoza casino online slot game based on him.

NFL Injuries

As interesting as the game can be, these injuries show that there is a lot that game can take from you. At the same time, there are a million other things that you can gain from being an NFL star.