Savva Karas: the Soviet officer who had survived two shootings

History 31/12/19 Savva Karas: the Soviet officer who had survived two shootings

the Officer in the red Army Savva Carp was twice taken prisoner, relatives were notified that he was missing. Meanwhile, the brave Ukrainians fought in partisan detachments, commanded the infantry units.

the Repeated capture

According to the memoirs daughter of an officer the love of Carp, father of the great Patriotic war he graduated from the infantry school and officer training. In 1942, captain Sawa Karas was chief of staff of infantry regiment of infantry division, his unit landed for sabotage behind enemy lines in the Crimean Sudak. After the landing of paratroopers were surrounded by Nazis and Carp, having received a severe wound, was captured.

Love Karas said of his father in captivity, severely tortured, wanted to get information from him about the amphibious groups and their command. Having failed, the Germans sent officer in one of the Crimean camps. In July of the same year, Carp including several hundred prisoners of war camps were shot. He was wounded in the arm and managed to escape from the common grave.

One of the local residents bandaged the wounded and hid it in his hut. Heal wounds, Sava stayed with his Savior two month. Then he and a group were hiding in the village, soldiers went to Rostov in search of the red Army. Near Mariupol the Germans, they were arrested and placed in a freight train EN route to this Nazi-occupied town. In the path of the fighters managed to escape through the floor in the car.

to Go along with all the exhausted Savva Carp could not. According to the recollections of an officer, he was again arrested by the Germans and sent to a concentration camp Mariupol. The second shooting was similar to the first in the village Agrobaza (Mangusky district, Donetsk region), the Germans shot a group of Soviet prisoners of war. Savva Carp was again wounded, and again was able to getI’m from the grave.

unconscious of the captain nursed the worker of local factory hospitals associated with the underground, and later Carp were transported to the hospital.

the First order of the red banner

Soon after the cure Karas joined the underground group, which operated in Mariupol, and became one of its leaders. In 1943 captain was awarded the order of red banner for combat operations during the liberation of Mariupol Soviet troops – his team is contributing to the units of the southern front, destroyed a company of Hitler’s coast guard.

After the liberation of Mariupol Savva Karas was appointed Deputy commander of the regiment of the infantry division, part of 4th Ukrainian front.

Sivash bridgehead

in the Spring of 1944 Carp distinguished himself at the storming of the Sivash beachhead. As stated in his award sheet, the captain of the first company sent through Igolsko the lake and the attacker drove the enemy from two tranches. In the first battle the Germans lost in killed and wounded two companies of soldiers and officers. Then the Soviet infantry under the command of Sava Carp took the high ground, not stopping the offensive, stormed the defensive line of the Germans. The soldiers of Carp in these four-day battle destroyed a battalion of enemy troops and captured 70 enemy soldiers and officers.

For the courage and heroism of Savva Karas was submitted for the award of the order of the Red Banner.

Sapun mountain

the fighting in the area of the ridge of Sapun-mountain, major Karas was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Based on information in the award sheet, the defensive positions of the enemy in this area was heavily fortified, equipped with pillboxes and bunkers. Assault troops under the command of Sava Carp captured four lines of defence the Germans, grasping in melee. The result of the mining frontier breather-mountain was taken, and the actions of the Marines did not allow the Nazis to gain a foothold in Sevastopol, the city cleared of the Nazis. During three days of fighting, units of the Carp have destroyed over 600 soldiers and officers and about the company were taken prisoner, they eliminated a lot of pillboxes, bunkers and gun emplacements.

the battle for the Panevezys and Siauliai

For the liberation of the Lithuanian cities of Panevezys and Siauliai the commander of the infantry regiment Sava Carp was awarded another order of the red banner. In these battles, the division of major destroyed more than 200 Nazis.

… According to the site “Heroes of the country,” Savva Carp, after the Great Patriotic war in the rank of Colonel, had 26 combat wounds. In civilian life, the veteran directed the Mariupol dairy. Died Savva Carp in 1963 and is buried in Mariupol.

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