“When Harry met Santa” is a story about the blossoming romance between these two men during their annual Christmas visits.

Norway’s Posten released a Christmas commercial in which a couple, Santa, and their boyfriend, tell a touching story. This is to commemorate 50 years since the country decriminalized homosexual relationships .

The 4 minute long commercial “When Harry met Santa” depicts the moment Harry meets Santa for the first time — as he drops off presents at Harry. They share a glance before Santa moves to the next house on the busiest day.

They have continued to exchange over the years with Harry making every effort to be nice for his romantic meeting with Santa. He says goodbye to KrissKringle in one heartfelt farewell.

We see Harry write a letter to Santa the next year, telling him that “All I want for Christmas”

We aren’t sure if Harry meant it or not, but Harry earns extra points for using Mariah carey’s classic holiday song.

Santa Claus is a smitten Santa who arrives early at the boyfriend’s home to deliver the parcels to their front door.

Santa informs his boyfriend that he has arranged for some help so he can be with him.

We’re not trying to be annoying, we’re just having a good time.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the YouTube video with English subtitles has been viewed more that 225,000 times.

Some people thought Santa Claus and his relationship to Mrs. Claus were sacrilegious.

One critic posted on Twitter, “Sorry, but the advert Santa gets a boyfriend”

Another person commented on Twitter, “Norway giving Santa Santa a boyfriend”

Although not everyone liked it, most people were happy with the commercial.

Randall Garrison, a member in British Columbia, Canada wrote on twitter: “Ok, I’m breaking my no Xmas rule before December to thank Posten Norge For this strong and moving message Of Inclusion Celebrating 50 Years Since the Decriminalization of Homosexuality in Norway.”

One person laughed at Santa’s decision to be a boyfriend.

“The only thing that bothers is that Santa’s boyfriend should have been much hotter …” They wrote on Tweet. “After all that Santa has done for us!”

It doesn’t matter if you are Team Harry or Team Mrs. Claus, it is nice to see Santa Claus get some love and appreciation.