Russia vs. USA: whose presidential bunker cooler

Weapons 27/12/19 Russia vs. USA: whose presidential bunker cooler

Information about the current secret bunkers of heads of state of the United States and the Russian Federation have in common is one detail: neither the President nor senior members of their entourage about the existence of such shelters do not say. About the structure and purpose of such bins, the public receives information only after the declassification of information about them.

the five-story shelter for Obama

According to the American journalist Ronald Kessler, a long time engaged in investigations about the life of the White house in the Washington Post, the presidential bunker, which is now designed for Donald trump began to build right under the lawn of the presidential Palace still under Obama and erected two years. In the book, Kessler States that the five-story bunker, and in the event of evacuation able to accommodate not only trump and his entourage, but also the entire staff of the presidential administration, without exception. Ronald Kessler wrote that Donald trump has already inspected the bunker, he inherited from his predecessor, and found there… insects that managed to get a divorce in an underground shelter.

the New York Times reported that “Obama bunker” is only part of the presidential complex of shelters under the White house since the Second world war, there is still a Center of emergency operations of the President, who, in particular, was used as a shelter including senior officials of U.S. President George W. Bush as dick Cheney and Condoleezza rice, when terrorists attacked new York skyscrapers in September 2001. The third presidential bunker New York Times calls built in the early 60-ies of the last century, the Situation room, which is also under the White house. The room consists of areas of the intelligence center and conference rooms with total area of 500 sq. m.

Another bunker, built by the Pentagon in the event of nuclear inwar governing in the early 50-ies of the representatives of the highest echelons of power in America and the military generals, is located on the border of Pennsylvania and Maryland. In Raven rock can be 3 thousand people, here is the center of the computer operations of the Agency for defence systems of the USA, and tactical centers of the land naval and air forces of America.

the Declassified bunker Kennedy

In America, Florida is the presidential bunker, which in a few years ago could visit anyone – is the former refuge of President John F. Kennedy, which lasted in that capacity only 3 years and declassified in 1974. From 1998 to 2017, it was open to the public. As he wrote the American daily newspaper the Tampa Bay Times, the area of the bunker is 140 sq m, it was intended to shelter the President and his family from a nuclear attack (residence Kennedy in Florida was located nearby). During the month here offline could be 30 people. In the hopper is passed through a tunnel of corrugated metal pipes, protection against radiation exposure increased lead-coated bins and more than three-meter layer of soil. Opposite the main entrance was located the emergency exit, the facility was equipped with a decontamination room and a radio room.

the Kennedy Bunker was located next to the coast guard station the United States, which provides cover for shelter. Since the late 90-ies till 2017 this object was used as a Museum. Now it is closed due to unprofitability.

the Hoppers Putin: what they know

Two years ago, before the first meeting of American and Russian presidents, the Pentagon published a report which, in particular, mentioned the existence of two secret bunkers Putin, who is allegedly located in the center of Moscow – one directly under the Kremlin, the second – near to MSU (the Ramenki district). Western media actively quoted the characteristics of these objects, referring to the document published by the intelligence service of the Ministry of defense of the United States.

according to the report, both of bunker, located 300 m depth of water, up to 10 thousand people. They communicate with each other and have a rail infrastructure that enable access to strategic facilities, including airports. The Pentagon also reported on two independent hoppers in the suburbs, food stocks and other supplies that can be used for several months to conduct military operations in the event of a nuclear strike.

“the Strategic command of the Armed forces of the United States (USSTRATCOM) and U.S. intelligence agencies have long known about the Russian system of hardened command posts for senior management, numerous secondary channels of the military command and communication”, – told in interview “to Interfax” the former Director of the 4th Central research Institute of the Ministry of defense major General Vladimir Dvorkin.

the Us military is also aware of the existence of another Russian defence system which will be used in the event of a nuclear attack from the United States. “When the Soviet Union was confronted with the American threat, we have created a system of “Perimeter” (known in the West as the “Dead hand”) – he told the newspaper “Vzglyad” the President of Academy of geopolitical problems Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov. “The system is an automatic duplicate command, which will immediately give the order to launch missiles, even if you killed the leadership of the country”.

All the secret bunkers and spetsgorodok in Russia are the responsibility of the FSB and the Main Department of special programmes under the President of the Russian Federation, therefore about them very little information. Sometimes the media leak information about the system of secret bunkers and cities, mainly from declassified KGB archives.

the Newspaper “Vzglyad” reports that another underground residence of the President and the military command is in 60 km from Magnitogorsk, on mount Yamantau, near the mountain resort “Abzakovo”. Mizhhiria is a closed city built during the “cold war”, its often mentioned in the media as “the bunker Putin”. This is largely due to the material “new York times”, published in 1996 and tells about some secret construction of a military base operated in the area. Documented information that actually hides the “Evil mountain” (as translated from the Bashkir name of this hill), no territory of Mezhyhirya is well protected and outsiders are not allowed there.

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