Rosalia Zemlyachka: the worst woman executioner in Russian history

History 17/02/20 Rosalia Zemlyachka: the worst woman executioner in Russian history

In September 1918 was proclaimed the decree “On red terror”, which gave rise to one of the most tragic pages in the history of Russia. In fact legalizing radical methods to eliminate dissent, the Bolsheviks unleashed and outright sadists and mentally ill people who get pleasure and moral satisfaction from killing. Special diligence, oddly enough, scored the fairer sex.

Varvara Yakovleva

During the civil war, Yakovlev, acting Deputy and then head of the Petrograd extraordinary Commission (Cheka). The daughter of a Moscow merchant, she showed remarkable, even for contemporaries stiffness. In the name of “bright future” Yakovlev was ready in the blink of an eye to send to the light as many “enemies of the revolution”. The exact number of victims is unknown. According to historians, this woman personally killed several hundred “counter-revolutionaries”.

active participation in mass repression confirmed by published signed by most Yakovleva hit list October-December 1918. However, soon “the executioner of the revolution” was withdrawn from Petrograd on the personal order of Vladimir Lenin. The fact that Yakovlev led a promiscuous sexual life, the knights changed as gloves, therefore, has become an easily accessible source of information for spies.

Yevgenia BOSH

“Distinguished” in the field of executions and Yevgenia BOSH. The daughter of a German immigrant and the Bessarabian noblewoman, active participation in the revolutionary life, she took in 1907. In 1918, Bosch stood at the head of the Penza regional Committee of the party, its main task was the removal of bread from the local peasants.

In Penza and the surrounding area Bosch cruelty during the suppression of peasant uprisings recalled decades later. Those Communists, who tried to prevent the massacre of people on itordered gem “weak and spineless”, was accused of sabotage.

the Majority which explores the theme of the red terror of historians believe that BOSH was mentally ill and itself provoked peasant uprisings for the subsequent demonstration killings. Eyewitnesses recalled that in the village of a handful of Kartalinia without batting an eye shot of one of the peasants, which caused a chain reaction of violence by her subject to the requisition.

Faith Grebenshchikov

Odessa Kartalinia Faith Grebenshchikov, nicknamed Dora worked at a local “Cheka”. According to some reports, she personally sent to the light of 400, others 700. Under the hot hand Grebenschikova got mostly nobility, white officers, too wealthy, in her opinion, tradesmen and all those who are female-the executioner considered unreliable.

Dora liked not just to kill. The pleasure it gave her many hours of torture the unhappy, causing him extreme pain. There is evidence that from their victims, she was skinned, pulling out their nails, engaged in self-harm.

Helped Grebenschikova in this “craft” prostitute by the name of Alexander – to her sex partner, whose age was 18 years. On account of its nearly 200 lives.

rose Schwartz

Lesbian love was practiced by Rosa Schwarz – Kiev prostitute, trapped in the KGB with a denunciation of one of its clients. Together with her friend Faith Schwartz also loved to practice sadistic game.

the Ladies wanted the thrill, so come up with the most sophisticated methods of bullying “contravalorii elements.” Only after the victim was brought to a state of extreme exhaustion, it was killed.

Rebekah Meisel

In Vologda bespredelnichat another “Valkyrie revolution” – Rebekah Eisel (alias Plastinina). The husband of a female executioner was Mikhail Kedrov – the head of the special Department of the Cheka. Nervous, angry at the whole world, they vent their complexes on others.

“Sweet couple” lived in a railway carriage near the station. There were interrogations. Shot a little distance – 50 metres from the car. Isel personally killed at least a hundred people.

in Time pokerlet woman executioner in Arkhangelsk. There she performed the death sentence against 80 whites and 40 civilians suspected kontrevolyutsionnye activities. On the orders of her own security officers flooded the barge, on Board of which were 500 people.

Rosalia Zemlyachka

But the cruelty and ruthlessness was not equal Rosalia Zemlyachka. Coming from a family of merchants, she in 1920, he received the post of the Crimean regional party Committee, then joined the local revolutionary Committee.

Its purpose the woman identified immediately: speaking to party members in December 1920, she said that the Crimea must be cleaned from 300 thousand “white guard elements.” Cleaning began immediately. Mass executions of captured soldiers, officers of Wrangel, members of their families and for failing to leave the Peninsula intellectuals and the nobility, and the “too wealthy” local residents have all become commonplace in the life of the Crimea in those terrible years.

to Waste bullets on “enemies of the revolution”, in her opinion, it is unwise, therefore, sentenced to death drowned, tying the feet of the stones were loaded on barges and then sink her at sea. In such a barbaric way was destroyed no less than 50 thousand people. All in all, under the leadership of Compatriot was sent to the light about 100 thousand people. However, the writer Ivan Shmelev, a former witness to terrible events, said that the victims actually had 120 thousand. It is noteworthy that the ashes of karamelniy buried in the Kremlin wall.

Antonina Makarova

Makarova (Tonka-machine-gunner) – the executioner “Lokotskogo Republic” – collaborationist proautonomy during the great Patriotic war. Were surrounded, chose to go into the service of the German police. Personally machine-gunned 200 people. After the war, Makarov, who married and changed their last name to Ginsburg, was looking for more than 30 years. Finally, in 1978, she was arrested and Prigovorany subsequently to the death penalty.

Ivan Proshkin

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